!! OMG, have you heard? A newly discovered dick slip from ‘Grease 2’ is dominating Twitter !!

The wardrobe malfunction only took 30 years for someone to notice: WATCH [instinct]

Charlize Theron wants to make a lesbian Die Hard remake [towleroad]

Central Park Karen is suing her former employer for firing her after she was caught being a racist monster on camera [celebitchy]

Chad Michael Murray will star as Ted Bundy in a new movie and people are like WHAAAT? [dlisted]

Review: Cruella [lainey]

Aaron Taylor Johnson is Kraven The Hunter and we’re kravin’ HIS hunter if you know what we mean… [socialite life]

Samuel E. Wright, voice of Sebastian in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ dead at 74 [bet]

Woman ends up with a felony after feeding her roommates vegan food [ruin my week]

This company sells jeans that make it look like you pissed yourself [sad and useless]

Appalachia has a lot to offer for nature-centric travel [afar]

These cities are celebrating Pride this year [mv]

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3 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? A newly discovered dick slip from ‘Grease 2’ is dominating Twitter"

  1. Remember that dick is 43 years older now,if this guy is still with us he’s now a senior citizen with an early 60s to an early 70s year old dick.

  2. Not newly discovered. Someone spotted it 10 years ago and wrote about it in there blog. https://neptsdepths.blogspot.com/2011/12/2-much-of-grease-thing.html?m=1

    • Wow, that blog is really incredible! Happy to “rediscover” this gem and send Poseidon some traffic.

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