!! OMG, he’s naked: Berlin-based Rapper CANDY KEN !!


If you mixed Riff Raff with a Hello Kitty-obsessed go-go boy from Austria, you might come up with Candy Ken. He’s recently worked with fashion folk like Nicola Formichetti and Terry Richardson, and you can find a bevvy of his music online — but for now, find his dong after the NSFW jump! It’s giving new context to our CANDY section…

UPDATE: The images have been removed upon request.

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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Berlin-based Rapper CANDY KEN"

  1. He’s awesome!

  2. Not Sexy or artsy at ALL! Just boring & ugly! A waste of curiosity time. Silly, silly & dumb!

  3. Get rid of the grill and get hard!

  4. hot body and cock, but it’s hard to tell what he really looks like.

  5. Yeah this is utterly disgusting!

  6. Why is (almost) everyone hating on him? Nice body and goofy as hell. Not a bad combo.

  7. After checking this guy out on Youtube, he’s just too dumb looking to take seriously, and his music is too forgettable to even bother with.

  8. Why is everyone so judgy? Benson, I liked your comment. Live and let live, peeps. He seems interesting at least. Can you say that for yourselves?

    • Gays have become mean and caddy that’s why. It started way back with the advent of the circuit party culture and then totally broke lose with the coming of the Internet. We use to be thought of as sensitive and nicer than straight people. Now, I sometimes think we are worse.

  9. Not a fan of the grill, but other than that, nniiccee

  10. I can’t make myself care.

  11. Candy Ken is a Berlin Rapper. He’s actually wicked awesome and extremely kind and just plain happy like all the time. He is incredibly eccentric and sexy haha. He is also really artistic and sensitive from what I observed following him on social media. He’s also got a YouTube channel. It takes a moment to warm up to his pics but if you watch him in video you’ll like him much more. These are the first nude pics I’ve ever seen of him. And I’m pleased lol:P

  12. Desperate for attention

  13. I guess some bitches just aren’t sophisticated enough to get performance art huh? Guy is hot and edgy as fuck.

  14. So dumb question, but is he gay or just eccentric?

  15. Fugly, yes, but just put a paper bag over his head and think of England/America (delete as appropriate)

  16. ..from the neck down is nice. neck up, not so much

  17. OMG What a piece f ugly.

  18. I’m not sure if I’m turned on or horrified. I’m confused…Candy Ken? Sounds like a pedophile name, not a rapper.

  19. Who? and who cares? [2]

  20. Who? and Who cares?

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