!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Lai Yde in ‘Holiday’ !!

Breaking the world record for the name with the fewest letters comes daddy actor Lai Yde! Check out his hot full-frontal in HOLIDAY (2018) after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: Readers have pointed us to this interview with the director where he mentions the use of a prosthetic peen.


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24 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Lai Yde in ‘Holiday’"

  1. Hello-

    if its a prosthetic how does he ejaculate?

    • From the interview: “Q: Leading on from that, I can’t help but wonder how the scene worked on a practical level. Can reveal anything about how you put it together?

      A: Lai is wearing a prosthetic and Victoria a protective band-aid like cover. The sperm is sfx mixed by yours truly from milk and powder sugar, applied by an sfx expert who was erased from the image by a vfx expert!”

  2. To me, it only looks to be a prosthetic when it is in the actress’s mouth. It looks very plastic….but the other shots it looks very real flesh

  3. You know you‘re getting older when you‘re less concerned with rape on film than you are with how to keep that white living room clean!

  4. Lucifer Arnold | January 16, 2019 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    Not my thing, men on men for me.

  5. elsayed ismaile | January 16, 2019 at 5:04 pm | Reply

    i hope that it is sexy film not in real time

  6. Holiday on IMDB – “A love triangle featuring the trophy girlfriend of a petty drug lord, caught up in a web of luxury and violence in a modern dark gangster tale set in the beautiful port city of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera”.

  7. Hello-

    i looked the clip is not on Pornhub either under the film’s title or the
    actor’s name.

  8. Very obviously a prosthetic, though he’s a very handsome man! Also agree on the nope aspect of a rape scene… Not sexy at all. Rape in film in the context of telling a compelling story is one thing, but we are here looking at it in the context of porn.

  9. Hello-

    is this a fancy porn film or is it a legit film with real sex scenes?

  10. and Superman can’t really fly because he’s an actor. and actors don’t really die in movies where they are killed. Of course it’s not really rape. It depicts a rape and that is disturbing whether or not the actors agreed to film the scene.

  11. It’s a prosthetic. The director says he is wearing one,

  12. What a hot thick piece of meat on him. This is art. He is hot. Will pick this up. Not often you get to see a guy hard let alone spunk in a mainstream film. Yum

  13. I love seeing some peen, but I could tell from the stills that the scene was ‘rapey.” Totally disturbing as another person said. Couldn’t really enjoy the peen because of this.

  14. anyone watched the whole movie? where can i find it?

  15. OMGblog now resorting to Rape. Great Job!!

    • Its not really rape they are actors. It tells a story and hes being exploited just like she is. Even more on fact.

  16. You can find the clip of this on pornhub. He does have a nice dick and he cums on the girls face in the scene, but the scene in the movie is basically a rape, so more than a little disturbing.

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