!! OMG, he’s naked: GLEE star and Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer !!

DAMN! Actor Dean Geyer is definitely filling our pants with GLEE with his webcam escapades which have turned up on Tumblr recently. Find them after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: We have removed the images at the request of Dean Geyer.

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20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: GLEE star and Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer"

  1. gay or straight

  2. can the site verify how they think this him? the chest does look similar from what I can see, but without a face shot?

  3. He gets on chaturbate regulaly

  4. Anyone have the link to the video?

  5. He’ be quite the tasty afternoon delight!

  6. Just compared the butt shots to his prior nude scenes and the mole/freckle towards the inside of the left cheek is in both these and his previous nude scene so definitely could be his butt, at least.

  7. Don’t matter who it is I’d suck on dat!

  8. Hello-

    as wolverine and david ask- how do we know its Geyer?

  9. Doubt it him. The belly buttons are totally different! Hope real ones of him do surface one day. These are hot, none the less.

    • Well if youre a fan of butts, Dean did have a nude scene in Never Back Down 2. It kind of looks like the butt in these pics, but I dont think these are him because hes not that hairy.

  10. How do you know that’s him?

  11. Fuck yes!! He’s gorgeous! Those eyes tho. And that beautiful veiny cock

  12. nice but could be anyone

  13. Sorry, guys, for as hot as this is… I see lots o’ hair in the JO pics but none on the man in the lead-in. Somehow, I don’t think he uses THAT much Nair… don’t think it’s the same guy.

  14. Awesome. Finally a guy who likes to look like a guy.

  15. How do you know this is him?

  16. How do we know this is him?

  17. He can get it!

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