!! OMG, he’s naked: Jay Mohr goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video !!

Jay Mohr was a staple of 90’s cinema and television and it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from him, but check him out as he goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn‘s recent “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video after the NSFW jump!

Watch the full NSFW video here:

Logan Lynn: "Nothing's Ever Wrong" Director's Cut (2018) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Logan Lynn on Vimeo.

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27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jay Mohr goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video"

  1. Well, that ends the hots I used to have for Mohr. He trims his pubic hair, UGH!

  2. Yeah I don’t get the NC17 rating. There’s no hardcore sex, he’s just showering, so what? It is truly satisfying to finally see him naked after all these years. With a wang like that, why not…Mohr? LOL

  3. Good for him for being commutable with his body.

  4. Dark blond bush!

  5. i always had a thing for him. big brute! ;P

  6. Hello daddy !

    I want to see him hard now. Maybe for the next music video ? 🙂

  7. First of all, just going full frontal gets an NC-17? Secondly, what’s the point of this video? Dang, yes, I’d do him in a daddy heartbeat, but is there a point to all the sullen looks and the nudity, and the dressing and undressing? Pointless, except for the nice hangy down thing between his legs 🙂

  8. I‘d still hit it.

  9. Damn, and that’s not hard. Oh the 90s him in Action! I’d have hugged him and petted him and squeezed him and licked him and sucked him and fucked him til I was exhausted. Still doable, but the black and white isn’t doing as much for me. And Jason is right that the song sounded like an off-broadway muppet inspired musical… til my mouse found the mute button.

  10. Jay has some serious bunions.

  11. I always thought Jay was good looking but dang he’s a freakin’ hottie now. WOW!

  12. May I call you Jiggly?

  13. I have always wondered what his cock looked like and now I see. It was well worth it. I wish more men in Hollywood would be as confident. Thank You Jay for making one of my dreams come true!

  14. Very nice, hes so daddy now. Would suck.

  15. I had noticed him gaining and losing weight over the years, but dang! He’s wearing it very well.

  16. My 90s self is asking Jay what took him so long

  17. Yes Daddy!

  18. Why couldnt he have done that 20 years ago. The voice sounds like an off-broadway muppet inspired musical.

  19. Wow very nice and meaty! What a hunk tony

  20. I would wash his back and then the front


  22. Kind of has the Jason Branch thing going on, definitely got better with age. Makes me want to install an outdoor shower.

  23. Meaty bone!

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