!! OMG, he’s naked: Justin Bieber skinny-dipping in Hawaii !!


Wow this has been a good week for famous and hung guys getting naked in the water (hi, Orlando Bloom).

The censored version of this nude Justin Bieber photo leaked today, but again, you know that’s not how we roll.

See the hi-res uncensored NSFW image after the jump.

UPDATE: The other two NSFW uncensored photos have surfaced! See them here.

Click to enlarge.



UPDATE: Apparently Justin and Orlando have some kind of ongoing drama. Maybe this will result in a full battle of the peen. And in case you hadn’t already seen Justin’s other frontal nudes, find them here.

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87 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Justin Bieber skinny-dipping in Hawaii"

  1. Ok, so I’m not a size queen (for reals), but on the topic of Bieber-Peen, in the words of Shania Twain….that don’t impress me much.

    Am I the only person that DOESN’T think he is some kind of trouser snake?? Maybe when in full mast….?

  2. I would love to touch He lovely penis

  3. Dick Lickens | May 19, 2018 at 11:44 pm | Reply

    I LVE you,Justin, and my COCK does, too! (I know because he just pumped a sweet load of CUM in my panties!)

  4. All you women and fags are pathetic why do you all think that uber fag beiber is gods gift he’s just some stuck up no talent white boy who thinks he’s black and wants to be a gangsta with his pants halfway down his ass who has no talent can’t sing and sounds like a cat caught in a mangle or orvil getting fingered who only became famous cause he was found by usher and scooter Braun on YouTube and who’s probably fucking him behind closed doors and you lasses and fags only think he’s gorgeus and gods gift cause he’s famous if he was just a normal young lad walking the streets yous wouldn’t give him a second look or be even remotely interested the odd one might be but not all of yous would be

    • JayJay. Are you jealous his dick is bigger than yours and he’s being fucked by Usher and Scooter and you’re left lurking on OMGblog to pleasure your micropeen because no one wants to fuck your filthy ass.? Stop being a petty queen..

  5. Love it! Want more!

  6. Meh- he’s a hot guy with a nice dick

    Not gonna lie wish he still had the foreskin he was born with
    Nothing’s hotter than an intact all natural man nude in all his glory. Foreskin is everything – still , these pix are legit. Def not small but

    I’ll go peep Orlando blooms pics again

    • You people and your fixation on circumcised vs uncircumcised. It’s not that serious. It’s not like any baby has the option to make their preference known. Don’t tell me that if you’re with someone who is cut, you’re gonna refuse to have sex with them. I prefer guys who don’t shave off their pubes but in but it’s all good.


  8. So fucking perfect, ive been in love with his body ever since we got married. The hair is extremely attractive.

  9. It’s probably big when he has a boner. So technically it’s not small

  10. That shit is % real

  11. Sumimase peeps those who said that its fake there is even a video in you tube

  12. All jokes aside these dudes have some serious baby dicks. I can’t even believe thedd littlr 14 year old Peters are being spoken of.

  13. Such a tiny cock and shave that forrest

  14. Le Marginal Magnifique | September 19, 2016 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    Il est circoncis ce gay !

  15. Alex you can’t seriously be that stupid can you? It’s clearly a flipped photo. I feel sorry for the people around you having to deal with such ignorance.

  16. The comments on here got me fd up but he’s got a good cock

  17. Why does he have so many pubes? Like a forest down there.

  18. That’s a pretty small dick to be honest. I thought Justin had a uncut dick.

    • That’s not small Justin, do you have one between your legs that is bigger than his, if you do, come feed my mouth pleaseeeeeeeeee.

  19. Common sense would say its fake. In one pic it hooks to the right and the next it hooks to the left. Physically impossible

  20. Would love to see it hard. I think the cut version is beautiful and I hope that’s the real stuff. Uncut just doesn’t do it for me.

    • I agree with you Rick. I definetly prefer cut cock over uncut anyday. Man would I love to suck on Justin’s cock and balls. He has such a cute ass as well. YUMMMMMM.

  21. No Chris, it needs to go into my mouth! ASAP!

  22. It needs to go in my mouth!

  23. Have you people zoomed in its obvious that there is a lot of water cascading off his pubes they are probably about half the size when not covered in water droplets.

  24. So glad he’s circumcised! Great Canadian bacon right there! So suckable and I bet he fucks good too!

  25. Perfectly average un-cut Dick….nothing to write home about. Seen bigger; seen prettier. Girth is above average (you Black Chix should be OK with it). i wouldn’t necessarily want it “up my spout”, but I’d definitely suck it….for a fiver in a restroom. ~ A Fag

  26. Those rumours about the last nude pics being photoshopped never came to a confirmation and the claimed “real” photos never leaked online, so that’s up to each one to believe it or not. Even tho, if you wanna say these are fake you can’t run from the fact that this is pretty much what Justin looks like then, they wouldn’t put fake pubes all over his junk and choose a cut dick if it wasn’t the actual footage. If there were any modifications they would simply make it look bigger (which I don’t believe they did cuz these pics are high fucking quality, it would be almost impossible to not realize if they were altered) but anyway people believe in what people believe right?

  27. Daniel, I’ve seen plenty of photos of Justin’s buzzed pubes and his team has already been caught photoshopping naked photos of Justin in the past (last time he got naked in public) so no surprise they would do so again. Anything to keep him in the news while he doesn’t have a new album out and to one-up his nemesis Orlando Bloom. Couldn’t have Orlando in the spotlight for long could he? Shows how insecure he is.

  28. wtf luke?? first, how could websites know for sure if his dick is cut or uncut? in past pics from him in white wet underwear you could see the head of his dick exposed soooo… it’s no surprise he is cut (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTDkbl2WIAAleK9.jpg) Second, it’s totally the opposite, Justin’s always had his bush well grown (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BoGVpjnCIAAz5hi.jpg) These pics are 100% real, i assure you (besides, his dad and team already confirmed the veracity of em)

  29. To Niiyaj
    Bitch ur fucking dumb his shit is soft. An when he gets hard he is like 9 1/2 I heard

  30. silly conversations here, it all comes down to this people:

    while you can’t tell how big a hard dick is from how big/small it is when it’s soft, there’s one thing you know for sure:


    and that’s all you need to know…

    (well, actually.. i want to see it hard, when’s that little peen contest going to start?)

  31. FAKE! Justin Bieber is listed on websites as being uncircumcised and photos of him in his low-riding underwear within the past year or so have shown him to have very trimmed pubes. But in this pic he’s not only suddenly circumcised but he also has full bush.

  32. Hung where lol this baby dick ass Boi need to sit down somewhere yes it’s small and whoever can’t see that good luck at catching a nutt off that small ass penis lol

  33. Small if you ask me

    • You probably have just the same size man. Stop acting like you’re the big deal. Your junk is probably smaller.

  34. Ok, so is JB cut or uncut? I’ve seen different pics that claim to be real. I prefer cut, but not bad either way, if you ask me.

  35. People are so bitchy nowadays, how the fuck does this look like a small penis to you guys???? it is such a kick in orly’s ass that this is what his junk looks like in cold water (long and thick as a can) compared to all the fake glory inside of that untalented actor pants (not to mention that in the pics that Orlando is walking with his dick hanging he is def a little bit “risen” if u now what mean). Justin still my sex god and those pubes and cut dick are my spirit animal hehe!

  36. It’s a nice picture fake or not, i like it

  37. Pubes don’t really get “wet”

  38. Millions years of evolution – and that’s the best you can do? Am talking about the comments that are as irrelevant as the photos, fake or real. Education is power. Vote.

  39. wow… my friends were right about Justin’s penis being small.

  40. Has to be fake he is 22 not a 40 year old man he would trim it

  41. This is clearly photoshopped. His body is wet and the pubes are dry.

  42. Orlando WINS!

  43. Is it hard? I couldnt tell!

  44. Fake JB not real !

  45. @Truth Hurts having hair on your dick as a grown man isn’t gross it’s actually the alternative that’s gross. You like baby dick?

  46. how can the body be wet but the pubes be dry?

  47. Anyone else think that the rumors are true and he did in fact photoshop the first set that came out? He looks smaller from previous “leaks”

  48. Gross, manscape man dont be lazy >.<

  49. Orlando, Justin.
    What a time to be alive.
    Not disappointed by either.

    Also, Tony you’re an idiot. You’re what’s wrong with the world.

    A dick’s a dick. A+ for both.

  50. Too bad none were of his beautiful ass :/

  51. Funnythatway | August 6, 2016 at 7:04 am | Reply

    Wow, nice cut cock.

  52. The fake picture is a complete mirror image with a little “Enhancement”


  54. I think it’s time to trim the bush. I’d like to help!!

  55. The photos Joe posted are obvious fakes that people are making up for fun.

    The photo posted by OMG is the real deal.

  56. After those disgusting Orlando Bloom cheese head pics this is a nice fat beer can cock! So much better

  57. He’s not huge. His dick looks like my boyfriend’s flaccid (which is 7.5 hard.)

  58. Im unimpressed, by both Justin and Orlando.


    • Hi Joe, that’s interesting! One of them must be fake. I think there’s something strange about the one in your links, but maybe there are other experts who disagree?

  60. I think it is fake if not need to tame the pubes down

  61. Am I the only one who think that looks completely fake?
    Especially how sharp the bush looks compared to the rest of him.. And the awkward hanging of the dick
    I don’t know….

  62. So now we know he’s circumcised!

  63. And BTW – I like both of them – I think they are both breathtaking, and I don’t know what I’d do if I got an offer to s*** either of them, on balance though, if I could have either… wow… I think despite the drugs and the tats (which partially ruined his looks) I’d take the Biebs.

  64. Gotta say to whoever doesn’t think this is impressive – thick as a soda can when erect isn’t impressive? I’m quite sure I don’t know the guys you do – and I may be glad. He’s gorgeous and yes, hung like a horse – a really nice horse.

  65. The censored pic is of high quality, the uncensored one is of a very poor quality. Do uplaod the HQ uncensored ones as well. Waiting!

  66. Quinton e Jackson | August 5, 2016 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    Not impressive.

  67. After Orlando Bloom, this child looks pitiful.

    And BTW: Thank you FRANK and Igor for super-quickly getting the Orlando photos up…you did not let us down! I love this site. Keep up the awesome work!

  68. I’ll take Orlando over this lesbian anytime.

  69. I am nut a Justin Bieber fan but nice package and I’m loving the bush.

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