!! OMG, he’s naked: Justin Bieber gives us the full-frontal (and behind) on vacation !!

The Biebs got papped in Bora Bora weaing nothing but his birthday suit, and it’s enough to make you a Belieber!

Check him out giving fans the full-monty after the NSFW jump!

CLICK TO ENLARGE! (View the animated version here).


Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber nude in Bora Bora

Thanks to CB for the images!

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74 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Justin Bieber gives us the full-frontal (and behind) on vacation"

  1. Assfreak-Aleks | November 26, 2017 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    FULL FRONTAL with such an ass is BORING-BORING:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE naked pics of Justin. It makes my mouth water thinking about sucking on that delicious cock and balls, plus playing with that cute ass. YUMMMMM
    Plus, what is it with people that think that most Canadians are uncut? It is the opposite in fact. I am a Canadian, and most of the guys I’ve seen are cut not uncut.

  3. I want to suck his dick sooooooo bad. Then turn over and let him fuck my ass raw!!!

  4. I think Justin Bieber and so cute, he looks good naked he has a nice penis, I love his pain, I seen boys that are Justin Bieber’s age that are cuter then Justin and has a nicer penis and butt, don’t get me wrong Justin Bieber looks good naked he has a nice penis I’m not saying you don’t, if you seen as much penis as I have then you would know, I’ve seen hundreds in hungry come down hundreds or maybe in the fountains that’s not over exaggerating I seen a lot of penis in my life time I love penis so much,

  5. I can tell that it’s Justin Bieber’s penis because I seen his penis before I seen him naked front to back some people saying it may not be him because I’m done tattoos I can tell that it’s because of his penis in it’s not the tattoos that can always B Block he has a nice long one he has nice penis and it’s thick I love it

  6. Is it real or fake?

  7. If there was a contest between bieber & orlando for being naked with the best body, I’d take bieber any day. He’s got a better ass & dick. I’d still do Bieber any day.

  8. I’d suck him & fuck him any day, He’s the same size as my bf.

  9. Don’t make rude comments and thoughts, remember we will all be judged, so let’s all repent and trust in JESUS to save us.lets not get stuck in dity mind sets

  10. Let’s all repent

  11. I would fuck him…

  12. This is actually just an average size, nothing to see here unfortunately

  13. Ooh damn look at that.

  14. Comment to those that are “confused” – I’m a gay male – Justin’s penis is both longer and a LOT thicker than average. He is as long flaccid as average is hard, AND his penis is quite thick as more recent pics show – probably in the range of as thick as a soda can when fully engorged. Some of you may think that’s average, but it isn’t.

    Be happy.

  15. How many flaccid penises (other than your own) do you see that hang like that? You must be looking at a lot of cock in the locker room Mr. Confused! For the record, the average length for a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches. Considering that Bieber is only 5’9″, in the fourth picture down, his dick is clearly longer than that.

  16. well.. this comment thread was confusing for me lol. his penis looks perfectly average, like it’s not even slightly big. it looks completely normal here. why is everybody acting like its 10inches long? people saying it is huge and stuff? i am bigger than that flaccid as a GROWER and i’m not that much above average size.
    very confused.

  17. So sexy. I think his dick is perfect. That’s a pretty big size. He doesn’t even have a hard on.

  18. OMG! What I gorgeous piece of fine meat. I am not gay but this guy could convert me. Something is stirring in my loins:)

  19. I’d do him on the down low

  20. if dick is cut or uncut is an All-American obsession!

  21. CuriousGeorge – He never said that’s as big as it gets. On the contrary, he actually said quote: “That was shrinkage for me”! The implication is that it is generally much larger than what we see. If what he says is true, then his penis is typically larger on average than what it appears in the pics. Whether that’s true or not is anyone’s guess, but the point is he never suggested that his penis doesn’t get bigger. You either misunderstood what he said, or you just made that up. Either way, it certainly appears that he’s a “shower” rather than a “grower”, and his size remains impressive for being completely flaccid.

  22. He occasionally shows up to the gym that I go to near Beverly Hills, and I occasionally see him working out…there are typically a bunch of body guards at the entrance so that fans don’t come in and don’t notice that he’s there. I go shower almost at the same time he does, and he is a total EXHIBITIONIST in the lockerroom and doesn’t care showing everything he has. He pretty much ignores that there are other people there; he walks around fully nude, to the sauna full nude (with a towel underneath of course) and flexes occasionally; we can practically see the moving and bouncing dick and ass. It’s pretty incredible, but since its a high-end gym in Beverly Hills, nobody really pays attention to him as its all celebrities that go there. It is amazing seeing his huge dick (looks better in real life than in those Bora Bora photos) and his nice toned ass. If anyone wants to know a bit more about him (i won’t send you pics cuz I’m not that type of a person) just contact me: levirossxxx @ gmail.com

  23. Looks like he’s wearing a cock ring.

  24. CuriousGeorge | March 24, 2016 at 4:30 am | Reply

    Lol the comments here are funny. Yes, it’s JB. He admitted it on Ellen.

    He also said that’s as big as he gets, so it’s sizeable but not huge. People who say that’s huge are either tiny woodland creatures, have never watched porn, or imagined something much smaller. And cut or uncut, he’s well proportioned and I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

    As pleasantly surprised as I am, the Biebz needs to work on his personality or personal problems or whatever. He just cancelled the $1000 meet-and-greet packages for his tour citing emotional and spiritual exhaustion. You make millions of dollars doing what you love and some of these people have been saving for months for a chance to meet you–don’t punish them for not taking care of yourself.

    What’s that cheesy quote from Spiderman? Oh yeah–“With great power comes great responsibility.” So don’t over-promise and under-deliver; be an adult and either bite the bullet or find a better solution.

    Ok, I’m done. lol

  25. yes yes yes fuck fuck justin bieber

  26. Bieber or not,his cock is thick and quite big, apt for good sex!

  27. Justin bieber is so hot! I believe he is wearing a cock ring also, I love his cock! I wound suck on that thing all day!

  28. 1) Yeah, you can tell in the 3rd and 4th picture that he has foreskin. But I don’t understand why people surprised that he’s uncut? He’s Canadian, and not Jewish. That would give him like an 80% chance of not being cut. Do Americans just assume that circumcised is the norm for everywhere else like it is in the US?

    2) He has a large, FLACCID penis. It looks like it’s about 5 inches long just hanging there. And YES, that is large, not “average” (as some are trying to say) for a completely flaccid dick. However, I agree with others that this only means he is a show-er, not a grower. There is no way of knowing how big his erect penis is. He COULD be huge (above 7 inches), or he could only be only average (5 inches hard). The only thing we can say for sure it that he doesn’t have a “small” dick.

  29. Well he is clearly uncut so get over it. As for size there is no way to know if he is big or not. All we do know is that he has a pretty big flaccid penis but it may not get much bigger when erect. And I know American JB fans want him to have a big cut penis but in reality he is uncut and in all likely hood has a shower that looks big flaccid but doesn’t get much bigger erect.

  30. lmao whats wrong if his dick was uncut !!! mine is uncut big one and most of the girls love uncut dick cuz they bitches want to play with skin

  31. Penis looker expert | January 11, 2016 at 1:01 am | Reply

    After reading everybody comments. I went back and overlocked them again. Da bieber is uncut. Hes very average penis nomore than 7 inches.or less . Hes as small average how you see him for all you ladies out. Wen modleing for men underware. They make your package look bigger. Cuzz there selling a product. Common sence. You go to McDonalds thinkin your gonna get a burger you jus seen on da commercial. Or picture. But JB iz good lookin .

  32. I agree with a few other commenters. Clearly his fans that already find him attractive are like ” OMG SO HUNG WHAT A HOT PIECE OF Canadian BACON!”

    That’s just a regular average to above average dick. Probably 5-6 inchs in length and around, 7 if he’s lucky. He’s a shower not a grower I can put money on it.

    Is he equipped? Yeah, sure but I’m not gonna start calling it ‘hung’. To me, hung is 7 inches and above that would be almost to his lower thigh and knee. Trust me even if he was a 4 incher it’s still nothing to be ashamed of. Sorry but calling his cock huge would be like calling a girl with c cup boobs gigantic. JS.

    Sorry but he’s still an ass, still looks like he’s 12 (Even more so since he shaves)and is completely unattractive to me and a lot of others. Whatever, guess you’re a bielieber or you can’t stand him.

  33. If I was going to enter for a competition of pics of guys that don’t look like Justin Bieber my pics would look a lot like this.

  34. How can you tell he’s uncircumcized? there is so little detail in the photo you can’t even see his chest tatoo, how can you tell he has a foreskin?

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  36. God that boy has grown into one hot hung guy.

  37. All this proves is he’s a shower, not a grower. Likely, he’s not much bigger erect, although it probably looks fantastic bone-hard and standing at attention. He’s not lacking and he’s at the age where stuff works very well in every way all the time, however, these pictures don’t increase his attractiveness to me, which was essentially nil before I saw them. He’s not the only above average ‘shower’ out there. 😉

  38. I agree with the uncut assessment. While the pics are too blurry to know for sure either way, I don’t see any indication that he is cut. Typically if you can’t tell, it means uncut. Cut is too identifiable

  39. He’s NOT circumcised. In the 3rd and 4th pictures down (the clearest view of his penis) it looks like the head is hidden by foreskin. It’s completely uniformed all the way down to the tip, which means uncut! Cut dicks don’t look like that. I’ve seen a lot of penises, lol.

    Dick expert! 😉

  40. Looks uncut to me folks. Can’t make out the head at all. I don’t have a problem with uncut dicks (actually I’d expect that for a guy his age from Canada), I’m just saying that so as not to disillusion all of the fans who wishes (imagined) he was cut like most Americans. Either way, he’s definitely packing that’s for sure.

  41. Seriously? He’s not cute at all. Having a DECENT size dick doesn’t make one more attractive.
    A total bore.

  42. Yuck, he’s a shaver.

  43. Most people having kids today in Canada are from foreign born parents so circumcision is not the norm. He’s from Ontario, born in the 90’s, to Canadian parents, which means the chances of him being circumcised are pretty huge. Most Canadians who decide to get their sons circumcised don’t do it at hospitals anymore, it’s usually done with the pediatrician days or weeks after birth, a more common practice in the USA and Australia these days which is why we can’t use those statistics as fact for the circumcision rates in these countries, but children born to foreign borns in the USA, Canada and Australia are the ones going to the hospitals and birthing more these days anyways. White parents aren’t having as many children these days in those countries so you’ll see in the USA more Latinos of any race, Caribbeans, and East Asians in the next generation while whites become the minority.

  44. Damm he’s hot. You can tell by the 7th pic he’s uncut, by the way the foreskin covers the head to a tip, thered a few where it looks like the head is peeking out of the foreskin. Something like 70%of Canadians born on Canada are uncut!- he got the unhindered body of a Greek statue

  45. Meh! … It well, umm… Looks like a regular, PENIS.
    Not a micro-wiener, not a trouser-Python, …ya know, just an average dick! Dunno what everyone is getting so revved up about.
    (* Thank You OMGBLOG for posting the uncensored lot in its entirety – knew I could count on you when I heard his Dick was in the news again! *)

  46. if you look close you will see he is wearing a cock ring it goe’s over the balls and dick and pumps your cock up to its 3/4 hard

  47. He’s definitely cut, you can see the gomco scar on his pic clearly on the less blurry pics! It looks absolutely delicious and fat! I want to go to town on that clean cut fat piece of Canadian bacon!

  48. It appears these pictures are real. His lawyers are threatening to sue to get these pictures taken down.



  50. If this really is Justin Bieber, then… wow. Seeing his bare bum in the famous Instagram pic was enough to make me a belieber, but I feel even more in love with him now. I was expecting him to have a tiny penis, but my gosh that is one beautiful cock. I love that he’s got no pubes. Unfortunately the pics are too blurry to determine whether he’s cut or uncut, but either way it looks like a delicious hunk of man meat. I need that dick in my hand, then my mouth, and then my ass!

  51. Hilarious that people are saying it’s fake because a tattoo that IS there supposedly isn’t. You need to look closer, you CAN see the cross tattoo. The cross is just an outline so from a distance isn’t that noticeable. If he’s got on any types of sun screen or tanning lotion that may be covering it as well. But it is there and it is visible, zoom in and you can see it.

  52. and he has no pubes-gross

  53. My question….based on what I have seen in life he is NOT hung…also looks like he has on a studded pecker ring, and red like he just got off after some serious rubbing and ALSO, who is the dude in the white rob inside the villa on the couch and who is or what is that in red? Guy or gal? Looks like an older man on the couch in the white robe….just asking…

  54. Looks very unnatural, something just isn’t right. Like, who’d he pay to take the pictures and doctor them?

  55. deedle_Dumpling | October 8, 2015 at 5:32 pm | Reply

    If the pics weren’t so blurry you could see the tats are there on his chest, just difficult to see. Of course there will be those screaming that I am wrong and it’s not really Biebes. WTF ever. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and I’m glad to look. I’m just sorry that the paparazzi skeeved the poor boy on holiday. Can’t a famous boy flop his dick out without someone smearing it all over the interwebs?

  56. From a quick google search I was able to figure out this pic was probably taken in early **January, 2015, **before** he got the cross tattoo**. He bleached his hair like that in late Dec, 2014, got the tattoo sometime in later Jan, 2015. I only wonder why it took so long for these pics to be leaked??????????? He’s such a little shit I’m almost mad that he has nice tackle.

  57. I think it’s too blurry to tell for sure if he is cut or uncut

  58. It doesn’t look like him…almost like it’s Photoshopped. I thought he had more tattoos than that.
    If it really is him, it’s like he’s trying to make up for that whole “stuffing” thing with the underwear ad. Like the paps are going to be following Beebs on vacation.
    ANYWAY…. I’d still do him in a heartbeat because that meat and body are hot!

  59. I agree with others that he is missing his tattoos in the middle of his chest he should have a cross at the center of his chest

  60. I wonder why the photos are so blurry. Was the Paparazzi not using the correct lens?

  61. OMG … the Beebs does actually have a penis!

  62. Hey if I didn’t know him as Justin Bieber I’d sleep with him … He’s a cute dude with a decent body and now we know a decent D

  63. it’s bigger than i thought it would be. nice body and bum. too blurry to tell if he’s cut or uncut.

  64. not a fan at all of the guy but wow that dick tho…

  65. Ain’t that bad at all

  66. These are not real… because the tattoos on his chest are missing …

  67. ok.im the newest member of beliebers. That peen is no joke.

  68. Mmmmm delicious! He sure is packing, for some reason I always thought he would be packing! And he’s circumcised! Yum! I love this Canadian bacon! He’s only getting better and better with age!

  69. Warren C. E. Austin | October 8, 2015 at 12:36 am | Reply

    Sort of confirms the earlier (sic. leaked) photos of his uncircumcised penis as being likely his, and true.

  70. It was only a matter of time before he showed the goods. Very impressive!

  71. Wow…The Beebz is packin!

  72. Wow it’s bigger than I expected and it’s uncut. MMM…. and his music is pretty good these days. I can’t believe I’m a total Beliber now! 😀

  73. Damn. It’s nicer than I thought.

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