!! OMG, he’s naked: Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann !!


Pics have been circulating of Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann, who had been sending dirty pictures via Twitter apparently. Who uses Twitter for sex anymore? WEIRD! Anyway, check him out after the NSFW jump!






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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann"

  1. I agree with Jay and in part with Tony when said that in part is for look even a mexican singer Amandita have a song where mention it.

    look at 56 second. by the way I prefer uncut.

  2. It’s not frowned upon in Latin culture. It’s a cook procedure for medical reasons and upper middle class and upper class men in most Latin American countries are in fact circumcised and it’s the norm in areas like northern Mexico (Monterrey, Tijuana, etc..) so let’s not generalize and say it’s the norm and frowned upon to be circumcised. Most guys prefer circumcised cocks down there for looks, cleanliness and most know it feels better! As someone who got circumcised later on in life I can say I didn’t loose any sensitivity but the sensitivity got spread to the rest of my cock and not just the cockhead. It’s 100x better being circumcised and my partners have agreed!

  3. Oh please! I’m circumcised and have no issue with sensitivity and ultimate pleasure ever! In fact uncut guys I’ve been with often have an issue of over sensitivity and can’t handle it!

    And obviously I think cut is MEGA hot 😉


  5. Totally agree Jay. It’s usually frowned upon in our culture, and for good reason so. It’s unnatural and you’re cutting off essential nerves that give you the ultimate pleasure. People who use the cleanliness excuse are dumb, it’s really easy to clean (which is why the majority of the world still has them and why we’re born with them).

  6. Is that a landline?? Oh and nice dick.

  7. Nothing more disappointing than a circumcised Latino. Ugh.

  8. Well he sure does have a pretty cock! looks hot!!

  9. I’ve always had a crush on this hottie! Doesn’t let down at all! Of course he would have such a beautiful cock, only makes sense being attached to such a beautiful man!

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