!! OMG, he’s naked: Pascal Peurcy from nude German reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva’ !!

Pascal Peurcy from nude German reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva‘ will go down in history as the only male contestant with PUBES! Congratulate him on his landmark achievement after the NSFW jump!


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30 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Pascal Peurcy from nude German reality dating show ‘Adam sucht Eva’"


  2. Richard Vestal | November 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm | Reply

    I love a naked man with his pubes untouched.

  3. The main reason he doesn‘t resemble the majority of German guys is because he‘s French! Reread his name, folks. PS: Me likey.

  4. VERY nice! Hot man! Beautiful cock! Great arse! Wow.

  5. For some unknown reason, people seem to equate pubic hair as dirty….shaved as clean. This guy is hot….head to toe hottie with his pubes. Thank you.

  6. Nice natural build, with hair in all the right spots. This is what American network TV needs, then maybe I’d start watching again.

  7. WOW. I will make that ass the pillow I’ll sleep on and enjoy it.

  8. Andre Oosthuyzen | November 22, 2018 at 11:17 pm | Reply

    WOW he is hot just like he is…………
    i would love to have seen the bold guy with the beard.

  9. MMMM nice to see a man with pubes lol I love men with bushy pubes, that way when I suck their cock and I feel the pubes on the tip of my nose I know their cock is in far enough! lolololol

  10. Bruce Alexander | November 22, 2018 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    Jesus!!! I would spend the entire trip on my knees with my mouth open. Does he ever look delicious! I would love to see the other guys as well. Pubes ARE great, but so is smooth!!

  11. Did someone killed Sharon? I´ve never seen her again texting “that´s a small dick” or somentihing…

  12. Pretty attractive, especially with the body hair. Even moreso when compared to shaved guy in the bottom left of the 5th picture.
    On another note, is it wrong to admit I’m hypnotized by the woman’s perfect implants in the 3rd picture? I don’t want to touch them or get anywhere near them, but I can’t stop staring.

  13. I love his nuts, very yummy, nice cock to

  14. He is cute. He can have me

  15. Fuzzy butts. My weakness. Yum

  16. elsayed ismail | November 22, 2018 at 5:54 pm | Reply

    i like to watch pictures of nude people ,it is very beautiful

  17. Great to see that he has chest hair, hairy legs, fuzzy butt, as well as pubes. Any man can have smooth, shaved or waxed skin, but not every man has the genetics to be hairy. Thankfully he is genetically designed to have body hair and has decided to keep it in tact.

  18. So true! Almost all Germans shave EVERYTHING down there – so yuck! My congrats for his beautiful physique AND that he is proud to don a manly body and not that of a freaking toddler like all the others.

  19. Nice hairy ass too!!!!

  20. Hello-

    you would ***NEVER*** get a show like this on U.S. t.v. not even cable.

  21. Bewusstseinsfragment | November 22, 2018 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    @pastence you mean gay young men you met in Germany? The majority of men in Germany does not shave everything off below the neck. And on these shows, the men are actually asked to shave because it is considered less sexual.

  22. Looks like a button on an old fur coat

  23. Wow, a very rare endurance of seeing a naked German man with pubic hair. This never happens in Germany. Almost all men here in Germany are shaved from top to bottom. If you see pubes on a man here in Germany, I can guarantee that the man is a foreigner just living here. Some German men even have that horrible looking, over-plucked eyebrows. Don’t understand that trend at all, but that is perhaps because I am a foreigner living in Germany.

  24. Guys are so much hotter with pubes. Trim sure but dont shave bare looks gross.

  25. I’d peel my knees away if I was on that boat!

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