!! OMG, he’s naked: Russell Tovey announces engagement to Steve Brockman, internet rejoices over fiancé’s adult film alter ego !!

Looking actor Russell Tovey announced his engagement to handsome gentleman rugby player Steve Brockman this week, but many people are saying that Steve may also be known as gay adult film star Ryan Stack who has done work for sites like RandyBlue. Check him out after the NSFW jump and decide for yourself! Score, Tovey!


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49 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Russell Tovey announces engagement to Steve Brockman, internet rejoices over fiancé’s adult film alter ego"

  1. I dont get the hate from those hating on haters…Its Hate! Come queers…hating on the luckier, prettier, hotter members of our community is SO okay-I mean, hell-theyre hotter, and prettier, and luckier. We know they’re life is better than ours (if hot ass is your goal, which it is mine) So the deeper question is Why are u so affected by my coveting? Are the pretty boy’s champion? And if so, it either a pretty boy(yawn!!) or someone you wishes they were pretty(hello my sister!!) I mean damn…

  2. Hot holy hell, I wouldn’t care if he was a serial killer, that man is about as perfect as they come in my eyes. If I married him we would never leave the bed, and whether he is actually into bottoming or not, I would use whatever means possible to convince him to let me tear up that sweet ass of his. And he could fuck me six ways to Sunday. I wish these two the best of luck in their love and in their union; they are a lucky pair. Who gives a f*** what he has done in the past- sex is a blessing and we only live once- if you can get paid to get laid then I say go for it. They found each other and feel they have found love- how many of us can say that? Cheers guys!

  3. Steve B is seriously hot, Russ is a lucky bloke.
    As for the bitchy queens making a stink out of Steve having done some gay porn a few years back: Jebus, man, is this the Victorian era? B F DEAL. He’s a hot handsome hung man, more power to him. I’m an out gay man and I dated a gay porn star in the early 2000’s; contrary to the cliche about that field, Jim was an ex-Special Ops soldier and held down a full time corporate job, porn films were just a fun diversion for him. Lots of his fellow male porn stars had similar full time professional careers when they weren’t on a film shoot.
    Bashing gay porn actors says a lot about the bashers, IMO: the ladies doth protest too much, methinks. Screw the haters.

  4. If I could speak in Pentecostal tongue… I would. He is perfection.

  5. S. Richardson | March 2, 2018 at 9:58 pm | Reply

    Very Handsome. Very Professional.

  6. Some pix i like, some i don’t. So his Dick changes. But he is Cute as fuck.

  7. What a gorgeous guy. And how phenomenally absurd is it that some people in here are castigating him for being a porn star when they’re on this site looking at porn? The hypocrisy!

  8. I’m a huge Russell Tovey fan, he can have whatever and whoever he wants… he wants Steve. Now he’s getting someone with talent in bed and that makes him a happy gay boy. I ask God to bless them and their marriage, amen.

  9. More power to them both! What the fuck do I care if Brockman did porn? We all have skeleton’s in the closet, it’s just some of us aren’t two-faced cunts about it. Even porn stars can fall in love!

  10. It must feel real good to sit in judgement of someone else. Maybe it says more about you, than him?! hmmmmm

  11. elsayed ismail | February 22, 2018 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    sexy and hot gays in nice pictures

  12. Cool. Doesn’t matter whether he did porn. You do you, as long as you’re happy and you’re not stepping on anybody’s toes.

  13. I hope they make a go of it everyone deserves some happiness regardless whether they did porn or not it wasn’t an illegal profession . Who needs straights to criticse us when we do it to ourselves .

  14. So Russell Tovey gets that up the ass huh. Can’t say I envy him LMAO.

  15. Brockman is ok. I’d give him a B- but jug-eared Tovey is a hot dumb sex stud come to life (but only not so dumb.)

  16. Russell Tovey is one lucky man!!

  17. Randy Blue will provide the videography for the ceremony, which you can stream for a price.

  18. The tats don’t seem to match on his right arm. He has tats on both arms.

  19. @ FieldMedic….was there ever a doubt Tovey WASN’T the bottom? You know, besides his praising God he wasn’t an effeminate, limp-wristed homo in high school and that his Dad “taught him how to handle himself”.

  20. Sorry to state the obvious: Brockman has a half-sleeve tattoo on his right arm, and Stack has one on his left. They aren’t even the same tattoo.
    They’re both still damn fine.

    • In front of mirror so it’s inverted

    • Are you seriously that stupid. They are the same person

      • Honestly, it’s like people don’t understand how tattoos work.
        Education: Tattoos weren’t always there.
        Some pictures were taken before the tattoos were there.
        Pictures can be flipped, left to right.
        One of the tattoos can be covered by the t-shirt sleeve.
        It really is not rocket science.

  21. Overwhelming body of evidence…YUM

  22. Please stop reporting on this asshole. He’s homophobic and unnaccepting of other people.

    • He is not “unaccepting of other people”. He is attracted to masculine men and is happy to be masculine. That doesn’t make him homophobic.
      Stop being so “unaccepting of other people”.

    • James Greenlee | February 21, 2018 at 8:16 pm | Reply

      He made one comment that people didn’t like, he elaborated and apologized. How long do we blacklist people for an unpopular comment?


  24. Ew that foreskin pull!!

  25. I thought he looked familiar! Tovey has good taste.

  26. So happy for the two lucky guys. Also, a wee bit jealous of each of them. 🙂

  27. I need to see more evidence.

  28. Does that mean that Tovey’s a bottom since Stack (Brockman) never bottomed in his films? lol.

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