!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Ryan Kelley !!

If we were into conspiracy theories, we would be tempted to think that the whole cast of Teen Wolf collectively decided to leak peen videos the same week to boost ratings for their show. Ryan Kelley is the latest star to get his junk out in a NSFW video. See the NSFW stills and watch the video after the jump!

PLUS, IN CASE YOU MISSED THEM: Watch the NSFW videos from the other Teen Wolves Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, and Tyler Posey again.

Ryan Kelley nude Teen Wolf

Ryan Kelley nude Teen Wolf

Ryan Kelley nude Teen Wolf

Ryan Kelley nude Teen Wolf


(Thanks to Tomasz for the tip!)

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32 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Ryan Kelley"

  1. I would love to be stroking his awesome cock and balls.

  2. Dylan o’brien where??

  3. Damn, I’d fall on that dick in a heartbeat.

  4. only hand and dick
    How do you know this is ryan?

    • Its not, you can start to see a difference in the 3rd pic.
      Ryan’s body isn’t hairy, and its too muscular.

      • The 3rd Pick is clearly a different angle of the 2nd one, and it doesn’t look edited either.

      • Ilovecocksss | April 14, 2018 at 4:59 pm | Reply

        Wtf are you saying, is obviously the same person, you can see the same room and the body is still the same, wtf, and he is stroking his dick, the underwear are identical to the other but just black

  5. DAMMIT!!! The video doesnt work now…well at least I can jerk off to the pic of his beautifully perfect cock

  6. That could really be anyone

  7. He really do have the longest and biggest dick of them all so far i will fuck him

  8. He also played Ben 10 in that live action Cartoon Network movie.

  9. Could we get the three of them together so I can test drive all of them?

  10. Hello-

    how can one download the 9 sec. video?

  11. I’ve been in love with Ryan Kelley for YEARS! Thank GOD this video and these pics got leaked.. I just wish we could have seen him cum AND his face too. I don’t care what ANYONE says I would suck Ryan’s cock for DAYS!

  12. He has the sweetest body. Not as much a surprise because he love being naked. I like!

    • Idk Why they are upset. It gives all your fans that much more reason to love you lmao. Now all we need is Dylan O’Brian nudes and my life would be almost complete lmao.

      Also I would Hop on all of them with no Hesitation.

  13. I really wish colton was still on teenwolf, id probably still be watching it, if that were the case. would love to see one of him too, thou He did have that nude scene, that at least shows his butt.

  14. too much. more nudies-of-color…

  15. It’s like Christmas came early!!!

  16. He certainly has the longest dick so far.

  17. Gee… wonder if they will do a group calendar…?

  18. Yum! I hope the next guys from Teen Wolf we see are Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, and my personal favorite, Colton haynes

  19. With all these leaks this week, I would bet that, statistically, tomorrow is the best chance we’ll have at ever seeing nudes from Colton Haynes.

  20. So this guy has the best body and dick of the group. Obviously. [mops up drool]

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