!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey gives us something to HOWL about !!

Awoooooooo! Check out Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey‘s pocket full of posey, a video which appeared on Twitter yesterday and is making us totally making us WOOF, after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: Tyler’s Teen Wolf castmate Cody Christian also has a NSFW video that leaked today. View it here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A second video of Tyler has surfaced! Watch it here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Teen Wolf Ryan Kelley‘s NSFW video has leaked. See the stills here.

Click to enlarge!

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

Tyler Posey nude

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30 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey gives us something to HOWL about"

  1. Okay let me. Real it down for all the little girls saying it’s not Tyler shut the fuck up and take a damn seat because yes the fuck it is tyler the first two pictures are definitely him as you can tell same underwear blah blah blah and the rest are him too because you can clearly see his thigh tattoo nudes don’t all have to be taken at the same time I mean Jesus Christ have some common sence there is clearly a time gap between the nudes

  2. This is the big cock of tyler posey! we are sure! his tatoo first and second I compare when he talked in the video and in an eoisode of teen wolf! that is the same voice! I don’t believe the ones who said that it’s a small cock!! open your eyes!

  3. I’d slide my wet vagina all over his chest then up into his chin and face, missing the lips, just hovering it over then, give it a few seconds then plant them right on them. His nose would move down and it would feel so good, then back down to lips. Pink and plush and juicy inside. CALL ME AGAIN YOU DICK Girl outside Fresnos

  4. He’s a leaker – lots of sweet precum. Yummy

  5. Is that really him? His underwear where he’s standing in front of the mirror is a different from the underwear where he pops his penis out?

  6. I don’t think this is him in the video, if you look at the first picture his underwear has a black band. Not blue and white. Unless the picture was from another time he took picture.

  7. Cant we just enjoy the penis, without the stupid and ignorant 12 year old its small comments? you people have been watching way too much porn, cant even appreciate a normal cock anymore.

  8. Anytime Tyler anytime

  9. Lovely ‘treasure trail’…I also love the ‘snappy’ quality as his dick pops up! Cute.


  11. He should get a refund for his circumsision. They either did a bad job, or it healed badly.

  12. Holy fuck that’s a beautiful cock on such a beautiful man!! Woof woof!!! reminds me I need to catch up on my teen wolf , now can we get the other pups to show the peen? Yumzors!

  13. It’s so pretty!

  14. Now that Tyler’s and Cody’s videos have leaked, can we please get Dylan Sprayberry, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes & Charlie Carver’s as well? That’d be greeeaaaatttttt

  15. Watching Maid in Manhattan will never be the same…

  16. Well, that’s two Teen Wolf wolves that have shown off their cut cocks to social media. Just a couple of days ago Cody Christian (a.k.a. Theo) revealed his hard cock to social media as well.

    I guess Tyler Posey is opening a new career door for himself (Porn? Preferably gay porn since it pays more for men) since this is Teen Wolf’s last season.

    Actually I hope it’s a trend for Teen Wolf characters since this is their last season. I’m hoping for hairy beasts Dylan Sprayberry, Dylan O’Brien, and Tyler Hoechlin to release pics of their hard, beastly cocks as well.

  17. Before he pulls his underwear away from his body, look at the leg tattoo visible. It’s him, no debating it.

  18. ok so this is supposed to be Tyler Posey Penis?

  19. … the tattoo is on the wrong side of his body… I also can’t believe Tyler is that small.

    • Not so good with how mirrors work, are ya?

    • Small? Not every male has 8+ inches and celebrity status doesn’t determine dick size either. Honestly he looks above average, 6 1/2 to 7 inches hard and cut and personally, that’s more than enough cock for me. Enormous 8+ inch cocks are admirable and nice to look at, but too much of one can literally be a pain in the ass… as well as cramp one’s jaw muscles.

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