!! OMG, he’s naked: Tyler Parks in ‘Westworld’ !!


Tyler Parks is a young actor at the beginning of his career, but anyone who watched the most recent episode of Westworld has at least part of him etched forever in their memory.

Maybe it was prosthetic, but Tyler’s big thing spoke volumes during his non-speaking cameo. See it hanging in all its glory after the NSFW jump.


(Thanks to reader Lindsay for the screengrab!)

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17 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Tyler Parks in ‘Westworld’"

  1. Sorry everyone, he says on his FB page it’s not him, and he’s wearing full clothes in his scenes.

  2. If we want to talk racism, how about the fact that this is CLEARLY NOT Tyler Parks in the nude photo. But hey, any black man will do, right?

  3. Chill out, he doesn’t have a big penis. He’s really skinny so looks big compared to those tiny legs. He also has a semi on to make it look bigger, his penis should be flaccid and laying against his balls but it’s not

  4. His navel seems different in each picture or is it my eyes playing tricks on me. Nice body either way.

  5. No knee jerk reactions, please | November 3, 2016 at 11:01 am | Reply

    Luke, how is this peddling racial stereotypes? Yes, he black, yes, he has a big dick in this pic, but who is actually pushing any sort of stereotyping or generalization?

  6. Yumzors!!! What a beautiful cock on a beautiful man!

    AND “HAWT”………

  8. Yay! Didn’t think you’d post it 😛

  9. in my goddamn THROAT!

  10. I saw the scene and thought it was INCREDIBLE!!! Wow!

  11. @luke, but only when it doesn’t fit the narrative that you or other social justice warriors feel is racist or not racist. We’re looking at a man’s cock, go back to tumblr?

  12. More peddling of racial stereotypes is, well, racist. As wrong as straight man oohing and aahing over how docile they think Asian women are. These “others” are not put on earth for your fetishization.

    • Luke, it is interesting they chose a black actor for the role considering he is a robot and could have been any race. Maybe it’s a commentary on the desires of the visitors to Westworld?

      • More likely, it’s about the desires of the producers of “Westworld”. There are never enough ‘rent boys’ for that crowd.

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