!! OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Racy new Dean Geyer selfies hit the web !!

What’s geyer than gey? It’s Glee star and Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer‘s latest nude photo leak! The actor, whose “Christian morals” clashed with his characters gey storyline on Neighbours, quit the show due to a conflict.

UPDATE: We have removed the images upon request.

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47 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked UHGAIN: Racy new Dean Geyer selfies hit the web"

  1. Where did the dick go?

  2. Hello-

    i didn’t look at this new post quick enough. what did pics which were removed
    contain? was he erect and could you clearly tell it was him?

  3. Guys please if you have his nudes, I would love to see them! Can you send them to [email protected] ?

  4. love to see them.

  5. love to them.

  6. I have all the 9 photos saved If anyone wants them.

    Nice sized, cut cock. Fit body. Hit me in the comments.

  7. Anybody have copies of those pics? Please send to [email protected] Thanks!

  8. Love his cock and his little bubble ass. Christian morals? yea and Im an eagle.

  9. Very nice average bloke , I wouldn’t complain if he came my way .

  10. Some of you queens are so jaded, with your average this and average that, the boy is hot, and if you dont think so you just need glasses;) he might be a crazy holy roller, but love seeing him naked, his dick is hot regardless of what you think of its size.

  11. i she claiming straight? Because how many straigh guys show off their ass?

  12. Disgusting cut cock. All cut cock’s are vile. Stop the mutilation!

    • That is strictly a cultural thing. Here in the US circumcision is the norm. It is a routine standard procedure. I personally think uncircumcised dicks look weird. But that is only because I come from a culture where circumcision is the norm.
      It is all a matter of opinion.

  13. He has the smallest nipples I have ever seen. Mystery be a result if all the steroids

  14. Beautiful Dude!

  15. What a beautiful man with a beautiful manly flared girthy cock! Boyfriend material 100%

  16. Rather flat ass, but a pretty dick, if average. I’d blow him.

  17. He complained his values didn’t match those of his character, but his character was never “gey”. He also didn’t really quit.

  18. Both front and back are perfection!

  19. Good looking, killer body and a very manly cock!

  20. Ah, look, his Christian ‘morals’ are out on display for all to see. Praise Jesus. Yawn.

  21. elsayed ismail | December 27, 2017 at 4:22 pm | Reply


  22. No clue who this guy is. But that cock looks like it would hit the right spot

  23. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | December 27, 2017 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    Awww, bless.

  24. ‘His body the way God intended it to be (except for the shaved parts)!’
    And the circumcised penis..

    • … If we go with that thought process, God commanded men get circumcised…read a bit! (And the New Testament was just an excuse to convert more people and leave out the snip, by a wannabe apostle…)

      • I find it’s usually the most conservative Christians who still circumcise even when it isn’t the norm in their country anymore. Look at Bieber in Canada and this guy is Australian.

  25. Feast your eyes before he caught wind of this and “request” for them to be taken down .. again.

  26. Really nice but little ass

  27. OMG…. Christmas came again…oh wait that was me.
    GREAT Pics!!

  28. No clue who he is, but yummy looking cut cock

  29. That flared cock is perfection. Needs to stop the manscaping, though.

  30. Flat ass. Average dick. Why bother ?

    • shannon?…….

      • To be fair that is a flat ass and average sized dick. If they were on an average body no one would take a second look.

        • Can confirm, my dick is at least that big and no one looks twice :p

          But for real, he’s semi hard in most of them and hard in the last one isn’t much larger. It’s not bad but it’s not amazing. Still funny that he’s oh so moral.

  31. AMO

  32. I Love average sized guys. That’s the perfect boyfriend cock.

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