!! OMG, he’s showing pube: Justin Bieber !!


Justin Bieber is one of those guys who semi-consciously tries to titillate those around him by nonchalantly lifting his shirt to reveal his abs, or in this case showing us his bush while appearing to adjust the waistband of his shorts. He’s probably doing it on purpose, but whatever, we’ll take it.

See the pic after the jump. It’s pretty much SFW unless your office has a no pube policy.


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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s showing pube: Justin Bieber"

  1. Well, now we know that The Biebs is hung. That was a surprise.

  2. I am into men ,not lesbians

  3. This photo is not new, was on a ton of blogs and sites (that post current shots) almost a year ago

  4. The man is a skank and needs to disappear fast, along with all the other jumped-up nobodies that behave like they own the world.

  5. They’re pretty, just as I imagined, yum!

    Of course, it doesn’t negate how ridiculous he is.

  6. This is actually a picture from last year when he was in Australia. Yes Justin knew full well that an army of paparazzi were following him while he was walking through a crowd.. Then again Justin does have an exhibitionist streak which he alone has the market on because there really is no other young male celebrity in the world who will walk around in public wearing as little clothing as is legal in public quite like Justin Bieber. According to those hookers he had banged in Brazil who sold their story to the tabloids after he was caught coming out of a brothel Justin is packing..

  7. baby man


  9. Who cares?

  10. Did he pass out in a tattoo parlor? Hell, I like some ink as much as the next guy but this shit looks like something a drunk frat boy would end up with after losing a bet. All the money in the world and he looks like he let some tattoo school practice on him for free.

  11. I find him unattractive and completely disgusting!

  12. deedle_Dumpling | July 23, 2015 at 6:14 pm | Reply

    According to Selena little Justin is very little and curved downward.

  13. Still doesn’t mean he has a dick.

  14. I would sniff those pubes.

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