!! OMG he’s still naked: more of fan fave Fabio from ‘Dating Naked Germany’ !!

We previously introduced you to the men of Dating Naked Germany here but, of course, with each episode there are countless opportunities to ogle fan fave Fabio de Pasquale.

Because he really wants you to see all his best angles, click the NSFW jump!

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21 Comments on "OMG he’s still naked: more of fan fave Fabio from ‘Dating Naked Germany’"

  1. From one extreme to the next….. in the 1970’s in Germany, not even women were shaving anything below the neck. Now they seem incapable of living without a razor….this guy seemingly shaves everything but his forearms below the neck……

  2. All that is missing is a nice butt shot…..DELICIOUS!!

  3. Beautiful uncut cock!

  4. The shaved crotch thing just doesn’t do it for me, but to each there own. I’m an Otter loving type of guy and throw in some tats and piercings and I’m a happy happy guy.

  5. Love the smooth taint and pucker.

  6. Those oiled-up goods are awesome!

  7. That man is perfect.

  8. Nice body…cute face…bout it.

  9. Shaved like a prepubescent school girl….

  10. Yes! Unbelievably hot! I love the 2nd pic.

  11. I hate American television.

    • Totally! They could this on Netflix or another streaming service.

    • Agreed! It’s the American religious right that’s always gonna be in control of these laws, preventing European level FREEDOM in the TV landscape.

      I mean, even just bleeping out “bad” language in the States, is considered ridiculous censorship in the more liberated “old world”!

      • To be honest it’s more the left that likes to sensor nowadays. Maybe not with regards nudity, but everything else. Cancel culture was born from that liberal need to control everything.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend! What you percieve as “cancel culture” is merely a pushback against, both, the right’s decades-old stronghold on censorship, and utter bigotry connected to it.

          In other words, conservatives INVENTED cancel culture, employed it FOREVER, and liberals have only fairly recently (but FINALLY) begun to use it as well!

          Don’t believe me? Ask any POC or LGBTQ+ person born before the 1980s, about their experiences with conservatism, what it did to our communities, and how it held back society as a whole!

    • When I visited America I was surprised how censored the television was when it came to swearing and even the mildest sexual content but didn’t seem to censor the violence as much. Strange culture.

      • American culture is the total opposite to European culture when it comes to sexuality vs. violence!

        In Europe, sexuality is generally celebrated, while violence is looked down upon. In the US, sexuality is generally looked down upon (publicly, not in private, of course — the US is #1 when it comes to porn consumption around the world), while violence is celebrated. The latter is quite scary!

  12. Keine schamhaare, kein interesse

  13. Omg LOVE him! Unbelievably hawt!!

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