!! OMG, his meat and potatoes: Supercross racer Cameron McAdoo has a wardrobe malfunction !!

Supercross racer Cameron McAdoo had a little bit of a dick-slip while racing recently. Check out the televised moment after the NSFW jump! (We’re not much for Supercross, but now we’re fans!)



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18 Comments on "OMG, his meat and potatoes: Supercross racer Cameron McAdoo has a wardrobe malfunction"

  1. Well!

    Vroom-vroom, indeed!

  2. He has nothing to be ashamed of, that’s for sure. But I’m shocked that these guys don’t wear protective cups or something similar in such a dangerous sport.

  3. Poor guy. That’s hilarious. But he has nothing to be ashamed of – very nice!

  4. Nice package….but I feel badly for him.

  5. This is so damn hot! He’s so hot and his cock is absolutely delicious and those balls. Wow.

  6. Honestly, he shouldn’t be embarrassed considering its an impressive size and girth.

  7. WOW! Great Package and I Love Seeing His Balls and His Rear in the First Pic!

  8. Amazing sight! Very hot guy. I love the back shot of his balls.

  9. First, those perfectly groomed eyebrows.
    Second, it Looks like he may have gotten an injury on his sack. He may want to wear some undies next time. Just saying. He is totally doable however.

  10. Nice display of meat and potatoes.

  11. Cute boy, but why does he have Kim Kardashians eyebrows?

  12. Nice! Nice and big, even soft

    • Was just reading about this. A pileup at the start of the race led to him getting caught on his handlebar, ripping his pants and underwear (his undies had a hole in them, as well, which he showed off in a VLOG). It apparently was very painful all around.

      Of course, he joked he hoped he would not be judged for his package because it was “cold” in Detroit, which is exactly the kind of annoying joke guys with big dicks make all the time, but I’m just glad he still has all of his original equipment, if injured. It ended up being way worse than just too tight pants ripping.

  13. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children????

    • The bloody scrapes on his scrotum and penis take me out of any lurid thoughts. Poor kid. That won’t be fun healing up.

    • Get over yourself. It’s not like he did this on purpose. And children has no business there.

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