!! OMG, is MTV giving us a gay answer to the ‘Real Housewives’ with ‘The Real Friends Of WeHo’ !!

Looking to the answer to a gay version of Housewives!? Well, MTV might just have the answer for you! The Real Friends Of WeHo is a reality show which stars Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski (judge on Canada’s Drag Race), singer-choreographer Todrick Hall, recently out actor Curtis Hamilton (of The Kings Of Napa and Insecure fame), skincare mogul Dorión Renaud (CEO of Buttah), entertainment news host Jaymes Vaughn (notably, husband to Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett), and influencer Joey Zauzig (who Good Morning America named “the internet’s best friend” last year). Check out the trailer after the jump! Yay or nay, OMG!?


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16 Comments on "OMG, is MTV giving us a gay answer to the ‘Real Housewives’ with ‘The Real Friends Of WeHo’"

  1. this looks awful,hope it gets cancelled

  2. You realize Real Housewives is already pretty gay. It’s got a bunch of bitchy queens in it.

  3. Funny that the only one I like is Jaymes, and only because I like his husband. The rest of these guys are douche.

  4. No, I will NOT give this a chance! This is more of the same, a few people making lots of money off of gay sterotypes, some of which are quite damaging. I am firm in my opinion of this, before trolls come back at me. These types of people are why middle America fear their sons will grow up gay. Truth! The acceptance and safety of WeHo doesn’t travel to small towns, where kids get beat up or turned out of homes. Or worse. Stop doing this!

  5. I can just see Brandi Glanville trying her best to get some airtime on this

  6. Dear lord, the A-List made more sense than this mess. Calling it cancelled after 1 season.

  7. Sounds like a boring AF show. Toddrick? Brad? ewww

  8. Not one of them seemed likeable to me …shrug.

  9. If only Todrick wasn’t included. He’s no one’s friend but his own.

  10. I would watch this but it has Todrick so that is a hard pass from me.

  11. Nope, this will simply be a live action adaption of that awful Netflix cartoon, but without the humor and even less of a budget. I give them props for scoring some diversity points, but I’d rather see a Real Neighbors/Friends or what-have-you of San Francisco or Manhattan (the Village), where we could at least get some smart, sassy queens and where the humor isn’t going to be at the level of a night out at Drag Queen bingo.

  12. gaydudeiniowa | January 6, 2023 at 4:09 pm | Reply

    So, with that line up, the Real Housewives might the ones with bigger balls.

  13. I might give this a chance if it didn’t have Todrick. MTV must think he’s like one of those real housewives you love to hate, but no, people just hate him.

  14. Paula DeMarco | January 6, 2023 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    cancelled after 1 season.

  15. This is going to flop so bad lol

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