!! OMG, it’s the true healing power of crystals… REVEALED !!

Finally! The TRUE healing powers of crystals are finally revealed in full! Check them out after the jump! Which is your go-to?

[via sadanduseless]

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9 Comments on "OMG, it’s the true healing power of crystals… REVEALED"

  1. And, unsubscribed!

  2. Hey! SALT is a crystal and it makes shit taste good!

  3. But they so pretty…..

  4. This is really offensive! Crystals do, indeed, have healing power if they are used properly. They carry a lot of energy which can be used for assorted ailments and are more meditative and grounding than using a pill for your ills. As a pagan who honors the elements of the earth, I see the comic in this post, but it’s completely wrong.

    • Oh god, my sides.

      Paganism is just as deluded as mainstream religion. They’re rocks, dearie, they can’t heal you. Shut up, and go see a real doctor.

  5. Some of them are nice to look at but I have always believed that they don’t do shit.

  6. LMAO I never believed they did have any healing powers

  7. Did they hire someone from Buzzfeed ?!

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