!! OMG, Joe Jonas sets a thirst trap, goes shirtless for ‘GUESS’ !!

Joe can now legitimately recreate this iconic Brady Bunch scene with his brothers when he talks about his modelling career:

Check out the full gallery of the THIRSTY new ad campaign for GUESS after the jump! Which fan-hugging shot is your favourite? It can never be said that Joe doesn’t ‘love his fans’!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Joe Jonas sets a thirst trap, goes shirtless for ‘GUESS’"

  1. Not really hot to me as I prefer man on man action of any sort. I mean, the times when gay men had to enjoy the beauty of the male body from afar and in silence while heterosexual women had all the privilege to enjoy it with all their senses is something that should stay in the past.

  2. He’d by far the prettiest of the litter.

  3. Yes he is hot. But I am suffering Jonas Over-Saturation.

    Can be maybe get them to have a press/marketing/commercials holiday?

  4. Meh. What passes for male beauty in the media is disappointing to say the least. I agree with HG.

  5. Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Zayn Malik… all the same to me. Boys. To each their own, but gimme a rugged man any old day of the week.

  6. I am impressed. He looks super hot! I think he and Justin Bieber are in the same league yummy but I still prefer Nick for some reason he really makes my engine rev right up.

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