!! OMG, KJ Apa is the new crotch, abs and face of Lacoste’s latest underwear campaign !!

The 24-year-old Riverdale actor has debuted a series of underwear ads for Lacoste. Check out another shot from the new shoot after the jump!

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12 Comments on "OMG, KJ Apa is the new crotch, abs and face of Lacoste’s latest underwear campaign"

  1. Better looking than all of yous!

  2. Average looking guy with an average sized penis – why is he popular?

    • Guess what average means? The size most men are closest to. What did someone else say? Tell us you’re a bottom without telling us you’re a bottom?

  3. He can get it anytime

    NO BODY……………………

    • Oh poor, poor Shannon….didn’t your mummy love you enough when you were an itty bitty troll? What happened sweetie? She pee in your cheerios?

  5. He’s the prime example of the fact that you can be good looking without being attractive.

  6. Stuffed ,the “bulge” doesn’t look natural. He’s still cute though.

    • It’s a modesty contour. They put a thing inside the underwear to round it out. It’s not a sign of small size or anything. A lot of big brands like to do this to kind of “sanitize” their ads. It’s still a ~bulge~ but its not as explicit. It’s generic, no outline, no detail, can’t see their true size (or religion lol) – nothing identifying. They do this so that it is not distracting. They want people to focus on/talk about the apparel, not giggle and point. You would think they would want these ads to get talk and go viral for THOSE reasons but they don’t. It’s a way to still have a bulge but still be PG-13 and not NC-17

      Armani did this with Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Calvin Klein did it for Bieber’s first run of ads (But oddly not as much in later campaigns) etc etc.

  7. Alexander Rhodes | January 8, 2022 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    He looks so much better in the second photo, sans ink.

    (And I’m not a tattoo-hater or anything, just speaking as to my aesthetic impression of his look, given the context.)

  8. Ken doll fashion at its finest?

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