!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Cozmic Cat ‘#CozmicLove’ !!

DJ Cozmic Cat #CozmicLove
Ever since we heard the bumping single “Bassline Sound” earlier this year, we’ve been waiting for Cozmic Cat (aka producer and DJ Paula Burrows) to release her first full-length album, which she did last week on her own Jupiter Productions label.

The album is geared towards house music lovers, showing respect and love to deep and classic house sounds and culture from different eras and locales. #CozmicLove clocks in at 12 tracks, ranging from the pounding “Sticky Fingers” (previously released on Italy’s 99 Waves label) to the dreamy downtempo “Hard Life Reprise,” which features live cello from Baroque Quartet iFuriosi’s Felix Deak. Most tracks on the album straddle the dance floor and lounge world, with plenty of percussive energy, vintage chords and pads mixed with soulful samples, as well as her own vocal styling on such tracks as “Disco Droid.”

Cozmic says the house music album is for the “dancefloor in your head.” Tracks like “Disco Droid,” “Getting Bigger,” and “Do You Feel It” have us on our feet, and we know ballroom Voguers everywhere will love “Duck It,” an old school runway track.

Listen to #CozmicLove here:

You can download #CozmicLove for free on Cozmic’s website, and stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.

WATCH: After the jump, check out the video for “Bassline Sound,” directed by Shelley Sumairsingh and shot in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighborhood.

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