!! OMG, M.I.A. debuted a conspiracy-friendly fashion line on Alex Jones’s Infowars !!

Miss Kanye is probably kicking herself for not thinking of this first.

M.I.A. continued her departure from respected musician and introduced OHMNI WEAR during a recent appearance on Alex JonesInfowars.

The musician’s new OHMNI label includes a poncho that ‘deflects electromagnetic waves’ and 5G internet.

Find out more via DAZED after the jump! (Yikes.)

Like some sort of deranged QVC from a parallel world, the musician modelled the new collection for Jones during an hour-long interview, explaining that the silver ponchos and t-shirt dresses would protect the wearer from nanoparticles, or “evil dust” as she called it. At another point in the exchange, Jones referred to the collection as “pure genius” and also said that “the CIA is obsessed with style and fashion, that’s how they control culture.”

Throughout the wide-ranging interview – one that also touched on her scrapped album and subsequent “cancellation” for controversial views on the COVID-19 vaccine – M.I.A. made repeated claims about the efficacy of the “protective” clothing, but seemed to find it difficult to explain how it actually worked.

The OHMNI website is similarly scant on information, instead dropping gems like “This is not your artist foray into fashion. This is a necessity”, “Future backwards is R U TUF” (it’s not) and “I could be a genius I could be a cheat.” But if you’re totally convinced and still thinking of snapping something up, the collection also includes a handbag with “up to 99.999% shielding effectiveness” and a durag that offers “full brain protection day and night.”

Well, this is one way to lose your mind! The Daily Dot noted that not all commenters are buying that future of humanity line, quoting them saying things like:

“Qanon, born agains, 5G – All just fear mongering to get a quick buck of disenfranchised people. Weak. You can do better,” and “I’ve lived to see M.I.A become a WhatsApp auntie. What a life.”

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3 Comments on "OMG, M.I.A. debuted a conspiracy-friendly fashion line on Alex Jones’s Infowars"

  1. the fit is fire. just check out the rest of the clothes. I’d buy!

  2. This is depressing, as I was an actual fan. She’s married to a billionaire, right? If she doesn’t need the money, is she just doing it because she’s crazy.

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