!! OMG, it’s only Monday, so here’s Pietro Boselli swimming in wet skin-tight underwear showing VPL !!

Check out one of the more handsome men in the world, model Pietro Boselli, giving us a very clear idea of what underneath, after the jump!


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17 Comments on "OMG, it’s only Monday, so here’s Pietro Boselli swimming in wet skin-tight underwear showing VPL"

  1. Nothing is visible to me… but in any case, I don’t get the guys on here who are literally OBSESSED with who is too small, not big enough, inadequate, etc etc. (projections much…?). Sex is mostly about chemistry and creativity, not about cock size – presuming there’s nothing to abnormal to complain about (and that can also include too BIG). And, even if that’s the case, there are a million roads to sexual intimacy and pleasure.

    Lastly – all the talk about what people would or wouldn’t do with a guy’s dick. We get it, but we don’t need to know how badly you want to suck it, lick it, choke on it, etc. Unless you all are teenagers, you should know it’s not a turn on to hear virtual cat calls about every photo that gets posted here. Or the insults.

    That said, nice looking guy. I can appreciate his beauty. If he’s got a personality to match, he’s going make someone pretty happy. But it’s probably not any of us. 😉

    • PeterJohndeKock | August 2, 2017 at 10:19 am | Reply

      @mike128: freakin’ well said mate! I’m so over gay men playing to our own worst possible stereotypes. If what defines you, or your relationship is the size of your or your partners dicks….you have big questions to ask yourself. #idontgetit

    • I am not “triggered” like you. Guys are horn dogs. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then maybe you are in the wrong biz. Straight or bi guys talk about pussy every 5 seconds, so there follows gay gays like to talk about dick. What really drove a nail in my nut sack was your comment, “…he’s going make someone pretty happy.” As if every fucking gay guy wants a Disney relationship. If you have been in any long-term relationship, and I have, you know that they usually end in complete boredom… and a sexless union. Kill me if I am every in another. I would rather talk about sucking a fat dick and pounding that boy’s ass like Tigger…bouncy, bouncy…bouncy.

  2. Charles Kiser-Twohy | August 1, 2017 at 11:35 pm | Reply

    Have u ever thought of always having a ing he’s naked with every update? Whether it’s a porn star or a celebrity people would look at ur blog.

  3. That hairless post-teenage look doesn’t do it—particularly when they appear to be mouth-breathers. But you got me on VPL and there isn’t any. Am I misinterpreting? Visible Penis Line? Right? That bulge is pretty non-detailed, non-lined. Next…

    • Mouth breather? You do know that he’s a former engineer and mathematics professor, right? Not to mention, he doesn’t look particularly mouth-breathy.

  4. He’s hot! Not all of us are size queens…

  5. Why people have to be haters, go with the flow folks, it’s all good, there’s something for everyone on here, don’t like something ,keep moving along, most of us would love to have some of these bodies, and a 9 inch cock does not make you a real man, it’s your soul that does,

  6. VPL?

    More like visible airbrushing.

  7. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | August 1, 2017 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    Shrimp sandwich anyone?

  8. Gorgeous! Great bulge too.

  9. Lordy Lord! It’s humungous!! I would die choking on that mahoosive VPL

  10. Water must have been cold…

  11. MMMM come to daddy

  12. So overrated

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