!! OMG, new music: Charli releases new video for single ‘Von dutch’ !!

Not only does Kim Petras have her own line of Ed Hardy coming out –but now Charli is singing about Von Dutch! Whoever thought to reanimate 2000s these brands in these ways deserves a raise. Get ready for takeoff with Charli and Von dutch above.

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4 Comments on "OMG, new music: Charli releases new video for single ‘Von dutch’"

  1. There goes gen z again, ruffling through their parent’s garbage past for an identity. As a douche bag brand, at least trans women are re-branding it.. but why must we relive this tacky mess?

    • “Parent’s garbage past for an identity”. Okay, so I’m guessing you’re 45+ that’s into League. Pathetic. Too bad that just like I don’t care about people’s label (Why tf would it matter if she was trans or not?). Just another pathetic fgt online thinking they’re above and beyond everyone like usual.

  2. For real though, who’s running this site? Most people that still visit are an older audience. I’d like to say that I speak for most of us, but I don’t, however, no one gives af about these younger queer-baiting singers. So please… spare us from their news, their awful singles. Thanks.

  3. I think you’re confusing Von Dutch with Ed Hardy. Kim is doing a collab with Ed Hardy; not Von Dutch

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