!! OMG, nostalgia overload! There’s a new ‘PREDATOR’ film and here’s what it looks like !!

If you had an older (straight) brother in the ’80s, he was probably really into PREDATOR! Well, now as a grown-ass man, he can live out his childhood nostalgia with a brand spankin new addition to the franchise! Check it out above!

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5 Comments on "OMG, nostalgia overload! There’s a new ‘PREDATOR’ film and here’s what it looks like"

  1. AMAZING news for all the Fandemaniacs who can’t wait for The Predator movie coming to theaters September 14, 2018! 20th Century Fox has released a new video. Check out here…https://bit.ly/2OzigOj

  2. Baffles me how this site can’t do basic research this is a film -_-

  3. Well excuse me but not all us gays watch tearjerker rom-coms or tragic indie gay films all the time. Me and boyfriend actually enjoy violent sci-fi flicks like these and we both grew up loving it as teens. I had no idea about this show though…hmm.

    • Indeed. That’s some blatant stereotyping. If anyone ought to know that gay people in real life are not identical walking cliches it is the people running this blog. And it isn’t like you were trying to be funny, at least I hope not. Please strive to do better.

      Still, this is the first mention I’ve heard of this movie, so thanks for the tip. Now just have to hope they do better with this than has been done with new Alien universe movies, though certainly not holding my breath.

  4. Um, that’s a movie – am I missing something about ‘tv series?’

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