!! OMG, ooo churl! Comedian Kathy Griffin apologizes in extremely rattled-seeming apology video for her Trump severed head photoshoot !!

She crossed the line and she wants y’all to know she’s sawry! Kathy got some major public backlash for her Trump head photoshoot, and has now apologized for the photoshoot and said from reading the public response, it seems she went too far! Kathy has famously claimed to have a no-apologies policy for her jokes, but I guess this is where she drew the line! Thotz? She’s apparently been dropped from her NYE CNN gig with Anderson Cooper as a result of it!

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9 Comments on "OMG, ooo churl! Comedian Kathy Griffin apologizes in extremely rattled-seeming apology video for her Trump severed head photoshoot"

  1. His severed head, looks better then her attached red head.

  2. Good for her! I hope that none of us are so jaded that we can’t learn and grow from a mistake. Loved her before, loved her during and love her even more now.

  3. Kathy can do no wrong in my eyes. She hasn’t done anything that anyone in this country with half a brain hasn’t thought of doing themselves.

  4. She needs to apologize to the First Family. Shame on her.

  5. I smell a WITCH HUNT….little things to undermine GAYS and their supporters.
    I’m more disappointed that Kathy backed down….It’s COMEDY people, look it up!!
    I love that “media” is all over this when GAYS are being thrown off of buildings and put in concentration camps and innocent children are being MURDERED!!!
    So she was dropped from an advertising campaign for a spray that covers shit smell…the company doesn’t see the irony and no big loss..Kathy move on and do what you always do.

  6. Still waiting on Ted Nugent’s apology for threatening Barack Obama. Glad he was publicly scorned for it, though. Oh wait–he wasn’t. Our current President invited him to the White House.

  7. I’ve yet to hear any of the rethugs give an apology for the crap they pulled on Obama including
    Burning him in effigy multiple times, and even inviting one of the most disgusting Ted Nugent to the White House. Fuck those SnowFlakes.

  8. Yes, it was a bit over the line; much like Roseann Barr when she dressed as Adolph Hitler while baking gingerbread men in the oven.

    Of course the Alt-right douche bags and Faux News will be all over this like a pit bull on red meat. She done good by apologizing; now she needs to walk away for a while.

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