!! OMG, Parkland students troll the government and the NRA with creative response their new clear backpacks !!

When the government patronizes victims of gun violence with ridiculous solutions which distract from the REAL solutions, — it pisses people off! The students at Parkland Secondary, who lost classmates to a school shooter, were all given clean backpacks and bag checks as a remedy to make them feel safe. SPOILER: They’re too smart for this shit. Check out some of their greatest creative responses to what is essentially, a slap in the face, after the jump!


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14 Comments on "OMG, Parkland students troll the government and the NRA with creative response their new clear backpacks"

  1. Maybe the clear Backpacks Should have a Manufacturers Label:

    Not to be used as a Safety Device, will not stop Bullets, or other Sharp Objects coming at high velocity.

    To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from Politicians, babies and children. Do not use this bag in Congress, cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. This bag is not a toy.

  2. Jerry … you are a horrible sad man.. You ARE the problem.. not the courages youth you seem to have a problem with.. SAD

  3. Concentrate on your grades not backpacks. While I feel for you and this is truly devastating, I feel we can have a discussion when most of you become of age to vote. I do not want school kids to be my mouthpiece… real change will only happen when everyone stops blaming others and can also sit down and have a calm discussion. You did not hear of any of these students names stand up for change at other school shootings. Did they become advocates when it hit close to home?? I’m tired of all this Bullshit, Why is it always one sided when a shooting occurs? I have definately expressed my feelings and opinions with my local and state officials in my state. I didn’t have to go on national TV and swear and make an ass of myself. (I also have great respect for my parents and would never embarrass them) Nothing gets done when two sides collide and won’t discuss the matter calmly. NOTHING. Now let’s all be adults and solve this problem rationally.

    • cool story bro. Oh, let me translate that for you “Baaaa Baaaaaaa Baa.”

    • The students tried calm, rational discourse. Pro gun folks spread made up stories claiming they are really crisis actors, had made Nazi salutes, and lots of other nonsense to try to discredit and silence them. Now they are making a statement over stupid, pointless, privacy invading clear backpacks. They’re not making an ass out of themselves. They are protesting. Good for them. Schools are already enough like prisons without giving young people nowhere private to store things that don’t need to be on open display, including tampons and such as demonstrated. They have media and public attention, and I’m glad they’re using it to force discussion on issues that normally don’t get discussed because “OMG fear the NRA” or reactions like your post starting with a soft version of “Shut up, you’re just kids”. It is past time to stop ignoring the problem of school shootings, and listen to ideas to stop them, including from people who spend half their waking day in schools and have experienced a school shooting.

    • The time for calm discussion was 50 years ago. In Australia, calm discussion led to tight gun control. In the UK, calm discussion led to tight gun control. In America, calm discussion led to 1,500,000 Americans losing their lives to gun violence. In fact, the only change over the years has been the steady repeal of the weak gun laws that already existed.

      They don’t have the luxury of focusing on being teenagers because they’re forced to live with the knowledge that there WILL be more mass shootings, and there’s nothing stopping them from being targeted again. Anger is the only rational reaction to being offered up as a sacrifice to a defective and outdated law by the very people who were supposed to protect you. Their impolite anger brought hundreds of thousands of students to the streets to advocate for their entire generation. Their anger passed gun legislation in Florida that would never have passed otherwise. Anger is finally getting shit done. For the sake of the thousands of Americans who are currently destined to be shot to death, I hope they never calm down.

    • Hey Jacky-off, just go back to jacking off, maybe you will get that right.

  4. From what I‘ve seen of Parkland student Mr Hogg, he could use a maxi-pad slapped over his mouth.

  5. Michael Mann | April 4, 2018 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    The kids are right.what the Hell is a clear backpack going to do to stop a bullet? ????? I am just blown away by the stupidity of those in power.

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