!! OMG, quote of the day: Chris Pine says his member would match Michael Fassbender’s !!

“A lot has been made about me being nude, and quite honestly, I’m only naked for — it’s no Fassbender situation” Pine said. It however does sound like Chris can live up the Michaels reputation. “I mean, I’d certainly match him.”

Chris Pine, on his Outlaw King full-frontal nudity and sizing up to Fassbender.

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6 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Chris Pine says his member would match Michael Fassbender’s"

  1. This is all misleading. CP is referring to the amount of time of their scenes- not their size.duh

  2. I just saw the screencaps. Let me say with emphasis that it’s definitely NOT a Fassbender situation. I think he was optimistically trying to deflect that it was less than… It’s not a bad member, and he’s a nice thick guy overall – but there’s nothing wrong with being a grower vs. a show-er. Fassbender’s mantle as King of the Screen Schwing is comfortably intact.

  3. Um, has anyone actually watched it yet? I *knew* this was going to be something straight people overhyped. “It” is onscreen for a half-second or less, obscured by dripping water and so dark/shadowed you can’t really see it. The insecure straight male gaze has pushed peen so far into invisibility straight women get droolingly thirsty at the mere suggestion of a peen. We need to do our sisters a favor and tell them where to look. I think it’s 300% clear Fassy wins this one.

  4. I wanna find out for myself Chris!

  5. Is there a 3rd choice?

  6. Well Chris Pine, there’s one way to substantiate your claim re yourself & Michael Fassbenders appendage sizes …. a naked photoshoot of you two together so there can be no question of one being closer to the camera than the other.
    So, there’s a “challenge” for you both, will you both accept ? 🙂

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