!! OMG, quote of the day: Kathy Griffin talks about her “Oprah-level money” and buying her house in cash since her scandal !!

Conservatively, I lost about $2 million. But then the [Laugh Your Head Off] tour grossed $4.4 million. That’s kind of an amazing year. And I’d maybe made $2 million before the tour started. My net worth is $35 million, and I am telling you that openly and proudly to say to these dinosaurs: “I don’t need you.”

I bought my house for $10.5 million cash outright, because as Suze Orman taught me, if you can’t afford to buy a house in cash, you can’t afford it. Sometimes I just walk around this big house going, “Fuck you, Hollywood, I fucking love this house!”

– Comedian Kathy Griffin speaking to “Cut” about her “fuck-you” house that she paid 11 million dollars for (in cash), her private plane, and her Maserati.

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10 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Kathy Griffin talks about her “Oprah-level money” and buying her house in cash since her scandal"

  1. Hey Jack , I’m gay and where I’m from we hate her. Just because she likes gay people doesn’t make her funny or doesn’t make what she did right. It is what it is, Bailiff next case.

  2. Trump should say…”you are welcome Kathy.”

  3. If Kathy was a good leftist, she would donate her wealth instead of bragging about she bought herself.

  4. sure you did loser ! your ugly and nobody cares about you, please move to Canada and take the rest of Hollyweird with you, please hurry too.

  5. jack mcintosh | March 14, 2019 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    NO Matter What Right Wingers Or Hollywood elite or any one else says Kathy Griffin is a ga who tells it like it is she has a huge fan base and shes funny as hell.P.S. And dont forget she loves us gays and we love her gack and there are a whole lot more of us than you think!!!!!

  6. YEAH!!!!!!

    So… now she can afford to have her OWN NYE television special!!!

  7. Blacklist Ms. Griffin. She’s moving to the right.

    • Curious why you say that? I don’t know anything about KG’s politics but I’ve always assumed they are pretty far left-leaning accounting from her jokes and friends. Wealthy people and even money grubbers can be liberal and progressive.

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