!! OMG, quote of the day: Michelle Visage says Shangela not winning was a mistake !!

“The biggest surprise to me and the rest of the world was Shangela not winning RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3. And that wasn’t up to me, that wasn’t up to RuPaul, that was up to the girls, because Ru gave the queens that were eliminated the chance to vote for the final two, who they believe deserved to be in the finals. And they chose not to put Shangela in there. It was a mistake, but I believe they did it because of a personal relationship instead of watching how she did in the competition.That’s the only one that really affected me. I 100 percent agree with RuPaul on everything. We share a brain, so honestly I can tell by looking at him. We know we’re on the same page. So I’ve never disagreed with anything he’s ever done in an elimination.”

Michelle Visage to Enter-taint-ment Tonight

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3 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Michelle Visage says Shangela not winning was a mistake"

  1. shangela sucks. stop trying to make shangela happen. you been trying since 2008. please let it go. she just doesn’t have it. DeLa was the winner and I think it’s genius that she literally delegitimized the whole competition. It was one of the secretly bitchy things anyone has ever done on that show. She literally said I’m ending this shit right now. LOL

  2. In interviews immediately after the finale was aired RuPaul sure came off very defensive.

  3. That was the second biggest mistake. The biggest mistake was allowing the contestants to decide all the way up to the top two, turning All Stars into RuPaul’s Best Friends Race.

    If that hadn’t happened, DeLa wouldn’t have self-eliminated and she would have faced Shangela in the finals.

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