!! OMG, reclaimin’ my time: Maxine Waters tells MAGA harassers, ‘If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight’ !!

Dats ryte bish! Don’t come for Congresswoman Maxine Waters (no relation to Crystal Waters, but just as fierce) who did not mince words on Saturday as she addressed the death threats she’s received since calling on Americans to harass Trump administration officials.

“If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight. There’s nothing like a wounded animal,” Waters told the crowd at a Los Angeles “Families Belong Together” rally. The demonstration was part of nationwide protest against Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Check out Maxine’s powerful speech above. She’s our hero!

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7 Comments on "OMG, reclaimin’ my time: Maxine Waters tells MAGA harassers, ‘If you shoot at me, you better shoot straight’"

  1. We have woken up after 8 years of the big 0

  2. Champion of the people, Maxine Waters lives in a $4 million mansion. And the only thing bigger than Maxine‘s house is Maxine‘s mouth! #lmfao

    • What is it you have issue with really? A black person living in a expensive home? Or someone like Maxine who has for decades led programs that help minorities get an education or prepare for employment? Or maybe you have issues with black people in general when they get too “uppity” for your tastes? Maxine Waters doesn’t have to live in poverty or live on the streets in order to help others.. Despite what you you think..

  3. She is such looser and has done anything while in Congress. Time for her to retire and put someone in there who will work.

  4. She is great. It is exactly what this country needs to wake the ‘F’ up, pick up your pitchforks and go to the street. All of our rights are slowly (which is why no one is noticing) being taken away by the right and our conservative courts.

    I love how the corporate Democrats are trying to hush Maxine up, what a hoot. They need to go as well…yes, looking at you, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein, corporate shills.

    • Exactly what rights have been taken away since inauguration day?

      • Take a look at the recent decision by conservatives on the SCOTUS bench who ruled against public sector unions collecting dues from non members as one example of how conservatives are screwing the country.. Next up will be same sex marriage,abortion, and the holy grail of all conservatives which is to end civil rights legislation… Those will all fall under conservatives in Congress, Senate and the SCOTUS.

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