!! OMG, right-wing has-been actor Kevin Sorbo is now hawking a “non-woke cellular phone service” !!

“Now’s the time to switch phone carriers with a non woke mobile service!”

64-year-old former Hercules actor and current washed-up celeb Kevin Sorbo tweeted to his Twitter followers over the weekend, along with a promo code for Patriot Mobile! A new mobile app aimed at “THE NON-WOKE CONSERVATIVE AMUURRRICAN”. Great just what one needs! Find Kevo’s tweet after the jump. Lols. Poor thing.

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6 Comments on "OMG, right-wing has-been actor Kevin Sorbo is now hawking a “non-woke cellular phone service”"

  1. He is just a racist piece of trash. Hopefully he can die off very soon

  2. Mike, good that truth is spoken.

  3. Fascist christian nationalist cell phones so you can lie out of your ass.

  4. And all the T-Mobile loving people in our community are supporting this since it runs on T-Mobile’s network. This company literally has campaigned to take over school boards in Texas.


  5. Good for him, buying into the left wing lunacy is destroying this country every day.

    • Actually, MIKE, what’s destroying the country is the absolute nonsensical left vs white—I mean right—ridiculousness! This exhaustingly obnoxious mentality of them vs. us is what is causing more and more extremists to come out of the dark and lead the “sheep” to the slaughterhouses.

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