!! OMG, Rusty Meyers is grateful that Easter is a Christian holiday again thanks to Prez Trump !!

In Jesus name, we celebrate bunnies and chocolate and such! Hear from Rusty‘s side of the story above! Thoughts!?

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6 Comments on "OMG, Rusty Meyers is grateful that Easter is a Christian holiday again thanks to Prez Trump"

  1. It’s called satire. He makes fun of conservative positions all the time. Pretty funny.

  2. it’s meant to show the stupidity of our dictators followers. it’s funny!

  3. Is this guy serious? Or is he making fun of redneck Trumpsters? Like what Trae Crowder does with his Liberal Redneck humor. I honestly can’t tell.

  4. Who the fuck is this person???

  5. Sorry bud, so called Easter is a pagan as it comes, nothing Christian about it, one, rabbits do not lay eggs, two, the fertility aspect of it is all pagan, as pagan as Christmas, don’t get me started on that malarkey, most so called modern Christians are just plain pagan, most have never read the Bible

  6. Robert D. Carver | April 2, 2018 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    Easter, like almost all other holidays (except Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day) was pagan in origin and co-opted by the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. Whether it celebrates the birth of Eostra, the goddess of spring (Germanic or Scandinavian) or Mithras (an Asianic or Persian warrior sun god (hatched from an egg) co-opted by Roman legionaries serving along the eastern frontier of the empire, is a matter of some debate. Constantine, prior to being baptized as a Christian (prior to which the sect were called Nazarites) on his deathbed, had been a cavalry commander in the East.
    Either way, he was attempting to buy insurance for the afterlife and avoid burning in Hades for his many crimes. These included the murder of his own son (by his first marriage) and his second wife, along with numerous other relatives.
    After his death, his fellow cultists began murdering each other over whether Jesus was mortal, divine or half and half, or if he was subordinate to or the co-equal partner of Jehovah.
    Though they may not have resorted to murder, the Foot-washing Baptists fell out with each other in the 20th century over the issue of which foot to wash first, the right, or the left!
    It’s all a lot of superstitious nonsense anyway, and we might as well revive the worship of Eostra, Mithras or Magna Mater (the Great Mother) for all the good it will do!

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