!! OMG, Shangela recalls working with an ‘intense’ Bradley Cooper on set of A STAR IS BORN !!

Drag Race superstar Shangela plays a drag bar owner in the latest remake of A STAR IS BORN, and she spoke recently about working with a kind and intense Bradley Cooper:

“I remember the first day on set with Bradley Cooper, he came up to me and was like, you know, “Shangela” — I’m sure that was the first time he had said the name “Shangela” — he was like, “Shangela, honey, I know you had the script and your lines and everything, but this is your world. This is drag club scenes, this is your world, so feel free to go as far as you’d like with the character, and I’ll pull you back if I feel it’s too far.”

And I said, “OK, Mr. Cooper,” and baby, he hit action, and I just went into full-on Drag Queen Bar Owner Shangela mode, because I do this — I’m on a 181-city tour this year. I’ve been doing this for seven years. I know some draaaag and how to make this character really pop. So I do what I thought was good, and he called, “Cut,” and I was like, “Oh lord, what’d I do?”

So he comes up to me — he’s very intense. He grabs both sides of my face, and I’m like, “Whoa, baby, my makeup,” you know? He grabs my face and is like, “That’s amazing. Do it again. Action!”

To have that validation, it made such a welcoming space on-set. He created such a good environment where he allows you to be you and bring what you bring to the character, but also with great direction. I loved working with him.”

Will you be checking out the latest remake, OMG?

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5 Comments on "OMG, Shangela recalls working with an ‘intense’ Bradley Cooper on set of A STAR IS BORN"

  1. Hysterical for any person to be grabbed on each side of their face by Bradley Cooper… and their thought is “Whoa, baby, my makeup,”!!!
    Good for Shangela. This is way better than her picture on RPDR All Stars wall.

  2. Ten days away from U.S.A. theatrical release, WB is nothing if not skittish about this pix. Could be a “Greatest Showman” approach is being used with high hopes of positive word of mouth relied on to fill seats. I don’t see it happening, never have, but the waiting will be over soon.

  3. Yes, but certainly not for Shangela!

  4. Bradley Cooper is amazing. So fine and handsome. He is the man I want to meet so badly. Those eyes and lips.

  5. I think Bradley is one of ours but we’ll never confirm it for sure. If you’re the handsome leading man type and you’re out, no one’s gonna cast you.

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