!! OMG, quote of the day: Peg Bundy calls ‘Married… With Children’ a ‘misogynistic show’ on its 30th Anniversary !!

“It was a very misogynistic show. It was when I really, clearly understood that my job as an actor was to interpret the material. It’s not necessarily my belief system. My belief system has nothing to do with being an actor. You know, I was hired to play a part … The women were portrayed completely exploited on that show. That was part of Al Bundy’s thing — he liked hot women, and they showed them all the time.”

“And so, people would ask me questions like, ‘Is this what you think? I mean, how can you be on a show like this?’ And I was really clear that I don’t believe in censorship, and I also believe that it’s my job as an actor to interpret the material — it’s not my belief. If you’re asking me, do I think women should be portrayed in a misogynistic way, in an exploited way, of course I don’t think that. But playing Peg Bundy had nothing to do with what I thought. That was my job.”

“Suddenly, it dawned on us that this is not just a satire to everybody,” the actress said. “Some people are really, truly relating to this, and that’s when I would get these very serious questions about a show that was really only meant to be funny. It was meant to be funny and to entertain and to laugh at ourselves. And I always got it as that, but some people took it really seriously.”

– Actress Katey Sagal aka Peg Bundy on the show’s generational differences and tones.

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3 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Peg Bundy calls ‘Married… With Children’ a ‘misogynistic show’ on its 30th Anniversary"

  1. Really? It always seemed to me that the show made fun of, even ridiculed, Al’s misogyny, somewhat like All in the Family did to Archie Bunker’s. If anything, the stories in Married… With Children seemed to belittle men at least as much as women. Ultimately it became something I couldn’t watch anymore because all the characters became unlikable due to how they treated each other.

  2. Blah, blah, blah. But does Ed really have the biggest dick on TV?

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