!! OMG, Shawn Mendes is back in the studio, nips out! !!

It’s hard to tell what’s happening here, maybe a vitamin D drip? But we love the beard, the relaxed studio vibes. We’re sure Shawn Mendes fans feel the same. Thanks for giving us a peek, Shawn.

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6 Comments on "OMG, Shawn Mendes is back in the studio, nips out!"

  1. She’s so annoying & not sexy

  2. It’s Vitamin B therapy. In essence an IV infusion. Not unusual in the LA entertainment industry. Worked for a boss once who made us all do it and set up a room at the studio and you’d go for an hour. Makes you a little loopy after for a few hours but nothing more. Reason why the boss made us do it was because he was afraid one of us would get sick before we finished a movie. It’s been pretty common on concert tours too (a green room setup)

    • Let me guess… being shirtless for this “therapy” is required??
      Were all of the women ok with that?
      Otherwise, this just reeks of “look at me” desperation.

  3. Looks like a still from a 1970’s drug movie.

  4. uuuum, how is anyone missing the fact that he and the other person on the couch are having something done intravenously???

    • If he took time out for a mental health break my guess would be ketamine infusion therapy, and this photo is meant to call attention to it

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