!! OMG, this is the soundtrack of America: ‘Reclaiming My Time’ ft. Rep. Maxine Waters !!

Maxine Waters stern look glasses
Legendary California congresswoman Maxine Waters was having none of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s stalling tactics at a House Financial Services Committee hearing the other day. She invoked the procedural tactic of “reclaiming her time” over and over again to make sure she got to fully question Mnuchin, and producer Adam Joseph has turned it into a banging club track. C-Span has never been this catchy.

Watch the original exchange between Waters and Mnuchin after the jump.

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6 Comments on "OMG, this is the soundtrack of America: ‘Reclaiming My Time’ ft. Rep. Maxine Waters"

  1. Maxine Waters is one of the least intelligent people in Congress. Tough to decide between her and Shirley Jackson Lee.
    Both are morons.

    • Nice defense using slurs when you have absolutely no evidence to offer for your insult. How can you identify an utter moron? The first words out of its mouth are toddler attacks because it is incapable of adult debate. Nyah-nyah, you have cooties!! My two-year-old grandson has already caught onto this.

  2. Nice deletion of my previous comment….fascist much??

  3. Waters is as dirty as they come.

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