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Amelia Ehrhardt astrologer
Welcome to OMG Stars: an astrology column written by Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects), a queer astrologer currently practicing from bed.

Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, I’ll give you a report of the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events with the help of the *stars*.

April 22nd – May 7th
New moon in Taurus, Mars-Venus trine

Non-astrological report: we’re still the fuck home.

Now, let’s dig deeper…

On April 22nd at 22:41 EST, the new moon in Taurus was exact. Taurus is the part of our psyche, the part of our society, that has to do with the resources we need to feel safe. Taurus is about the physical objects in our lives, and the sensory information between those objects and our bodies is how Taurus knows itself to be. Take the renewal of this new moon to relate to your sensual landscape. Touch the objects in your house; feel your arm underneath your hand as that of another; use this time of solitude to find ways that physical stimulus from objects can remind you that you’re in a body. Bust out the Hitachi!

The next two weeks are characterized by a Mars-Venus trine in the air signs of Aquarius and Gemini that will be active until April 30th and palpable through until the full moon on May 7th. Mars and Venus trining in these air signs brings flow and ease to our collective capacity for systemic thinking. Our energies and our values will be aligned, with our care for community and thirst for information feeding each other. This is the astrology of social media. Turn off your screen usage reports.

After the jump, you’ll find horoscopes for all the signs of the zodiac, written for both sun and rising signs.

Aries sun/rising
OMG Aries – your season is over now and the shifting of attention might sting, particularly for you Aries sun folks since since no one was able to come to your birthday party. There’s a TikTok trend going around that I think would help your particular energy: Quietly Leave your house. Walk to the street. Scream at the top of your lungs. Quietly Go back inside. This is the biggest Aries energy I can describe. For you with Aries rising, Mars and Venus are activating your 11th and 3rd houses, making this a good time to bring your particular brand of energy and will to bolster your community through caring communication: tell your friends that you love them (that way you’ll hear it back).

Taurus sun/rising
OMG Taurus – this new moon is in your sign, in your season, so it is a comfortable renewal for you. What could be more Taurean than being at home cooking all the time? Take advantage of this moment to revel in the parts of this that you enjoy. It’s ok to be afraid: this scary moment we are in can feel vast and overwhelming, particularly for your Taurus risings as scary Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter run through your 9th house of expansion. But if anyone is cut out to ride through a global crisis by staying at home and building a trade economy, it’s Taurus. Live it up, quietly.

Gemini sun/rising
OMG Gemini – This Mars/Venus trine is right up your alley. While Cozy Venus is transiting her way through Gemini, active Mars is supporting her in your sister air sign of Aquarius. This is great energy for a peripatetic Gemini, since your particular capacity to hold and seek out information is of major value right now. Use that capacity to share what you know. You might also feel an itch for travel right now – ha, ha, sorry! Maybe take a google maps stroll? Meanwhile for you Gemini risings, the new moon is activating your 12th house of the unconscious. Take the opportunity to dream about what you want to be happening in a year, the next time there’s a Taurus new moon.

Cancer sun/rising
OMG Cancer – you must miss your people so bad. Social distance, especially for those of you in solitude, might be particularly hard on Cancer people. People might be reaching out more than usual right now, so take comfort in every text, meme shared, or zoom call. Reach out of your shell as much as you can. For Cancer rising folks, This new moon is riding through your 11th house of community, bringing renewal to the way you relate to your social circles: no kidding, you haven’t seen anyone IRL in a month. Use your Cancer superpower to make everyone feel loved in this time where we all need it.

Leo sun/rising
OMG Leo – have you gone live yet? If there’s any part of the zodiac that can figure out how to relate to a group under any circumstances, it is you, Leo. Leo Sun people may become particularly irritable as Mars squares your natal Sun, hitting you with competitive energy that you didn’t ask for. Those of you with Leo rising will see the energy of the new moon in your 10th house of career and public profile. Everyone’s relationship to these things is shifting drastically right now: Leo Rising, take advantage of that collective moment to think about what your priorities around your career are going to be moving forward.

Virgo sun/rising
OMG Virgo – your home must by now be either spotless or a series of increasingly complicated piles that only you can decode. This is some stressful energy for you Virgo Sun people as usually cozy Venus squares your natal Sun. It’s already a lot of anxiety to be a Virgo person, and you might be particularly uncomfortable right now. Take comfort in the fact that your attention to detail keeps this world turning. For Virgo rising people, you might have some flowing energy in your work and career life: let that be a source of distraction.

Libra sun/rising
OMG Libra – when was the last time you went this long without a date? I’m overwhelmingly seeing more Libra clients than any other sign lately, and it makes sense given your intense need for one-on-one bonding. For both Libra Sun and Rising folks, this Mars-Venus trine is lighting up your chart and calling attention to the Air Signs’ special ability with thought and communication. Chat it up, Libra: go to the Zoom call, text your friends, post online, write the book, or just sit down on your couch and think for awhile.

Scorpio sun/rising
OMG Scorpio – as though you need an excuse to get weird. This new moon is stressful for Scorpio people, bringing challenging energy to your very fixed nature. For Scorpio sun people you might feel that this moment of renewal is pulling you off-center. As for Scorpio rising folks, I don’t like to be too predictive, but this *could* mean a sexy moment for you while Venus Transits your 8th house. I know, you’re at home and we’re social distancing. Please don’t go out: but maybe dig into the apps to take advantage of this opportunity.

Sagittarius sun/rising
OMG Sagittarius – I bet you’ve already looked through all your old travel photos and sighed. Sag does not like to be cooped up so for those of you with Sagittarius placement, this might present challenges. For Sagittarius sun people, Venus in Gemini is opposing your Natal sun, highlighting the tension between Gemini’s endless ideas and Sagittarius’ capacity to try them out. Call your Gemini friends for new ideas of things to do from home. For Sagittarius rising people, this new moon transiting your 6th house of day-to-day life might give you a moment to reflect on the way your normal everyday has changed. Be thankful for your adaptable nature while you google-plan your next trip.

Capricorn sun/rising
OMG Capricorn, this year’s astrology has already been a lot for you, so I’m glad you’re getting a break with this new moon. The new moon in Taurus trines Capricorn, so for both sun and rising folks you’ll feel that supportive earth energy. For Capricorn Sun, let the new moon be one more small opportunity to steer your life in the direction you want. And for Capricorn Rising, this new moon has passed through your 5th house of FUN: I know fun can be hard for a Capricorn sometimes, but find whatever it is you most enjoy and indulge in it.

Aquarius sun/rising
OMG Aquarius, have u called the mother ship yet? This Mars-Venus trine is big astrology for all Aquarians with Venus in your sign. For those of you with Venus Sun this means the supportive air energy will illuminate and highlight your already significant gift with systems and maybe give you opportunities to put that into play for your ever-present commitment to the collective. Those of you with Aquarius rising have Mars riding through your first house, meaning you might at once feel a little spicy or hot af. Either way it’s a lot of energy around the way you see the world and the way the world sees you: take advantage.

Pisces sun/rising
OMG Pisces, time to sit at home and wallow in the void of unknowing is right up your alley. Neptune has been bringing all of us into your dreamy world since 2012 and now is a moment to lean into your characteristic dreaminess. For Pisces sun people this astrology brings you stress while beautiful venus squares your sun: everyone wanting more and more information can lead a Piscean to deep overwhelm. As for those of you with Pisces rising, Energetic mars is transiting your ruling 12th house: this is familiar terrain for you but Mars’ decisiveness is not. Don’t let other people’s dreams drown out your own, even if they’re louder. You can lead us all in knowing how to not-know, Pisces: we look to you for this skill.

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  1. Please make this a one time thing only.

  2. Fern Kinnell | April 26, 2020 at 5:42 am | Reply

    What a load of shite.

  3. @Sulla & FieldMedic

    Or you could have some fun and not take it so seriously

  4. absolutely love this !fills the gap left by astrobarry.. a nice distraction

  5. Ah yes, because one can totally read the fates of people based on the arbitrary lines ancient Greeks put in the sky taken together with the arbitrary placement of the stars and planets. Need I even mention this whole thing is geocentric? Y’all, Copernicus and Galileo have been dead for 377(477 for Copernicus) years.

  6. Until astrologers prove that any of what they say matters, is correct, provide a mechanism for how it occurs, takes into account procession, takes Ophiuchus seriously or advance any logic or evidence behind their claims then I’ll continue to dismiss their claims without evidence.

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