!! OMG, The Foofighters rick-rolled The Westboro Baptist Church !!

The Foo Fighters Rick-rolled the Westboro Baptist Church [towleroad]

UHlyssa Milano shared an old-school pic of JT and Brit Brit — can’t we just go back to this time? [pinkisthenewblog]

BREAKING: Slash and Axl Rose are friends again! Now, — time to pay some bills! [dlisted]

Brad Goreski for Bello Magazine… polka-dot bowtie not included [ohlala]

Is Jen Garner back to rubbin’ on her former lover Michael Vartan? [celebitchy]

Here’s a shirtless and fuzzy Matthew Wilkas to end your weekend![boy culture]

Martyred anti-gay Christians sob about “Religious Liberty” and persecution in Nnw Ted Cruz campaign video [joemygod]

Here’s what a shirtless 52 year-old John Stamos looks like [socialite life]

Joe Mangeniello flaunts that bawdy-awdy-awdy on the cover of Men’ Health Magazine [kenneth]

Anti-gay GOP leader outed for having Ashley Madison account, claims it was for “research” [queerty]

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