4 Comments on "OMG, their butts: The cast of ‘Killer Body Count’"

  1. I chased down the movie since it’s free on Tubi; it’s actually listed as LGBT content, which is is since it’s mostly about the females and two of them turn out to be interested in each other. The first guy pictured above, who has a tasty ass, has only this to his credit and who knows if he’ll ever have more, dies almost immediately after standing up, and in typically mister manly fashion, a lot of these ass shots are cis het sex of guys pushing it into gals. Not a horror fan, so pass.

  2. I’M IN HELL…….

    • SHANNON sweetie- now you know how we’ve felt about your comments all these many (Lord, too many) years! Finally maybe you’ll understand why we beg you to stop – and go back to rehab.

  3. I’m in heaven

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