!! OMG, Pope Francis accused of making homophobic slur in a closed-door meeting !!

Homophobia in the Catholic Church, you say!? Shocker!!

Pope Francis allegedly told Italian bishops to not permit gay men to train for the priesthood, with two Italian newspapers claiming that the 87-year-old pontiff referred to it as “frociaggine” translation: F*GGOTRY!, during a closed-door meeting on May 20th.

Is it the word of the summer?? Yes. Is she permitted to use it?? Mmmmmmm, no. Well… maybe if she snaps her fingers and then does a bit of runway after, but its unlikely this was delivered with any degree of fierce intent. Evil as usual.

[Thanks LW for the tip!]

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3 Comments on "OMG, Pope Francis accused of making homophobic slur in a closed-door meeting"

  1. As often happens, OMG jumps the gun with condemnation and hate.
    It’s much more likely that the Popes interpretation of the word, coming from Argentina, is different that the meaning in Italian. (Like Faggot meaning “sticks or twigs” in Old English.) Amongst other things, he has no history of using derogatory language towards anyone.
    Your ability to over-simplify is frightening when one considers that it has influence.

  2. Honestly though this guy has done more for LGBT individuals than all of his predecessors combined. Might not be much, but it’s progress.

  3. Says a kiddy fiddler.

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