!! OMG, their butts: The male cast of ‘Australian Survivor Season 3’ !!

The male cast of ‘Australian Survivor Season 3′ might not look much wrapped in bandanas and cargo shorts, but just wait til you see them undressed! Check out a handful of them after the NSFW jump! Hubba Hubba!


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12 Comments on "OMG, their butts: The male cast of ‘Australian Survivor Season 3’"

  1. I wish they would leave their body and pubic hair intact though! So much tweaking 😐

  2. Robbie looks like Cheyenne Parker. Any chance Robbie might be gay?

  3. Hello-

    the U.S. must be the only country that does not air nudity in its
    reality shows. for instance the most I can remember seeing on CBS
    summer series Big Brother is buttcrack. whereas other BBs from around
    the world feature actual nudity.

    • We Muricans are afraid of sex and nudity. It is what makes us “special.”

      Kidding aside, I blame religion for our repressed views. It lingers and invades like a stale fart in all things that make life worth living. It is a cancer.

  4. I would survive on those asses!

  5. Nice

  6. Incredible butts. Wouldn’t mind seeing their didgeridoos as well!

  7. Damnnnn I love butts

  8. OOO Nice Bods

  9. Bruce Alexander | August 8, 2018 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    Damn those are some fine asses. YUMMMMM.
    One of the guys has a huge open cut near his left shoulder. I hope he is alright.
    Too damn gorgeous to left anything happen to these guys.

  10. That’s a good looking set of asses!

  11. It’s television’s Golden Age.

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