8 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked RETRO EDITION: Sean Hoagland and Owen Alabado go full-frontal in ‘Rock Haven’"

  1. These are some beautiful cocks on these beautiful lads! Please keep showing the goods!

  2. Owen, the guy on the left who is naked first,is openly gay. He’s also has a bit of a chub going on. Keep in mind it’s a completely different situation on a movie set where you’re getting naked in front a crew of 30 and you’re trying to act and execute choreographed sex scenes….There’s no way I could get hard under those circumstances. Plus I suspect an erection may earn an NC-17…

  3. I love seeing nudity, but I have a general question for readers… I certainly don’t expect to see erections, but am I wrong in thinking that as a rule men tend to get erect before the point of even taking their clothes off? I get hard when I am kissing another man, or thinking I am about to have sex… When I see scenes like this, maybe including a shot of a flaccid penis to not serve the scene well, it’s like proof right there on screen that these two men have absolutely no sexual interest/arousal in what they are doing. I like seeing a penis on screen, but seeing one practically sucked up into one’s groin just as they are about to have sex is more disappointing than not seeing a penis at all.

    • Shush! Don’t give them a reason to take away the penises.

    • There’s a lot going on around the actors, such as hard lights and a number of crew members. Not to mention the director giving directions.

      And for the actors, it might just be another job, not about their personal attractions/needs.

      And then there’s the fact that full erections are generally considered pornographic (at least in American cinema).

  4. These are from the movie Rock Haven 2007

  5. They’re naked, not their naked.

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