!! OMG, their #PRIDE is showing: Openly gay actors in the buff !!

Zachary Quinto in latex
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We’re celebrating Pride Month by checking out the hottest openly gay actors who dared to bare on screen. From realistic gay hook ups to shocking full frontal, actors like Jonathan Groff, Colton Haynes, and Matt Bomer aren’t gay for pay. They’re gay every day.

See all the NSFW candy after the jump!

Watch the Openly Gay Playlist here.
Russell Tovey nude Looking
The stunning Russell Tovey put his homosexiness to use in the beloved (or bemoaned depending on who you ask) series Looking by dropping trou for fellow hottie Jonathan Groff almost more times than we can count. Check out all of Russel Tovey here!
Jonathan Groff nude Twelve Thirty
Speaking of Jonathan Groff, did you know that he went epically full frontal for a lengthy nude shot in 2010’s Twelve Thirty? Well, now you do!
Andrew Rannells Corey Stoll sex scene Girls
Girls star Andrew Rannells made a splash when he pounded hilariously bossy bottom Corey Stoll during one of the small screen’s most memorable gay sex scenes.
Matt Bomer Mark Ruffalo nude Naked Heart
The truly delish actor Matt Boner, we mean, Bomer (we mean Boner) showed off his hot ass while getting busy with total daddy Mark Ruffalo in 2014’s The Normal Heart. See more celeb boners here.
Colton Haynes Rough Night
Teen Wolf alum Colton Haynes delivers no shortage of shirtless snaps on his social media, but we’re more interested in his rare-but-welcomed be-thonged balls slip in the 2017 comedy Rough Night!
Cheyenne Jackson nude American Horror Story
Cheyenne Jackson managed to one-up his unforgettable American Horror Story: Hotel nudity by stripping down to get gay with Tyler Blackburn in the 2017 musical Hello, Again.
Neil Patrick Harris nude American Horror Story
Fans of American Horror Story might also remember when the OG(ay) actor Neil Patrick Harris delivered a close up of his plump ass while getting freaky in Freak Show. Check out more Hollywood hunks showing it all here.

And since AHS producer Ryan Murphy has no chill, why not check out Zachary Quinto’s iconic latex look from the very first season. It’s non-nude, but hey, it’s hard to say no to Zachary Quinto fulfilling all our BDSM fantasies.
Chris Salvatore nude Eating Out
The stacked for the gods actor Chris Salvatore bared every inch of his bod during a full frontal scene in the 2009 comedy Eating Out: All You Can Eat. See more of Chris here.
Ben Whishaw nude Brideshead Revisited
Finally, openly gay Brit beauty Ben Whishaw delivered a double bubble nude scene alongside fellow cutie Matthew Goode in 2008’s Brideshead Revisited. Hey Ben, how’s your Brideshead?

Can’t get enough? Find more Hollywood hunks showing their junk here!

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6 Comments on "OMG, their #PRIDE is showing: Openly gay actors in the buff"

  1. a rip-off if you’re looking for hot pics of nude guys. Zachary Quinto did not have any latex pics when the supposed link was opened. almost all pics or movie scenes need a subscription for $8 a month to see. !!omg!! i thought you were better than this rip-off of a story.

    • Hi Gary, it’s a sponsored post for a pay site. We state this clearly at the beginning. Thanks for reading.

  2. OMG Blog, you flubbed, Neil Patrick Harris did not appear in Freak Show.
    Internet Movie Database Link For Neil Patrick Harris. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000439/?ref_=nv_sr_1
    Internet Movie Database Link For Freak Cast https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5089534/

  3. I kinda like how NPH did not shave his butt for the scene.

  4. So Mr Man are very wrong in claiming that Russell Tovey ‘first went nude’ in Looking.

    He actually did a hell of a lot of nude scenes in the original version of the show Being Human, on the BBC. In fact he got his clothes off so regularly in that show he was regularly asked about it in interviews at the time (and also asked about if he was circumcised, as his character was jewish).

    And, theres even a few scenes where you can catch a glimpse of his penis (oh so briefly).

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