!! OMG, they’re naked: Ryan and Michael from E4’s ‘Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home’ !!

‘Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home’ sees two pairs of strangers stripped of all their clothes and possessions and race in the buff across the countryside to win a cash prize for charity. Check out episode 1’s contestants Ryan and Michael after the NSFW jump!


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21 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Ryan and Michael from E4’s ‘Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home’"

  1. I don’t get why anyone would find these guys “disgusting”. To me, that means that the person who expresses that opinion is only used to seeing/looking at/paying attention to [so-called] “perfect” bodies of —what?— porn stars, gym rats and bodybuilders and —yeah, ok— guys who pay extra-special attention to their bods. But to deny —or, worse; to fail to be able to see or appreciate— that a dude with a “normal” bod can be sexy and/or sexually attractive . . . is a little be sad.

    • I agree they are sad. And I can pretty much say the commenters would fare pretty badly here if they posted their nudes for us to see…

  2. Where can I watch the show

  3. Michael McGann | October 10, 2021 at 2:23 am | Reply

    I really like and appreciate natural looking men. These two fit the bill perfectly. HOT!!

  4. I’d fuck the second ass if he got stuck in that wall.

  5. what show? what channel? is this in USA?

  6. Rafael Figueroa | October 8, 2021 at 3:58 am | Reply

    Gorgeous ginger bush!!!

  7. Halloweenking | October 8, 2021 at 2:48 am | Reply

    OMG are you serious. You guys will post anything.

  8. Two cute men, one with sexy red hair, one with a gorgeous little tummy, both with beautiful uncut dicks, and a bonus look up the arse crack of one of them. What’s not to love?


  10. Why? Seeing men naked gets a thumbs up and we all know I LOVE MAN BUTT, but the show seems stupid. Ugh

  11. Shannon, Shannon, Shannon- before you comment, post YOUR nudes and let us judge.

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