!! OMG, they’re naked: The cast of ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 !!

Sex/Life Season nude cast

The skin-full Netflix series Sex/Life is back, and everyone is wondering if Adam Demos will bring out his big, foot-long, prosthetic peen again for a second shower.

But even without it, season two of Sex/Life has plenty of nude moments. Here’s a quick catch-up on the plot, for those care (anybody? NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD):

Sarah Shahi starred in season one as the restless suburban mother and wife, Billie. She rekindled her romances with her old fling Brad, played by Adam Demos, and after seeing his cock in the viral season one shower scene, we certainly see the draw here. Her husband was the daddy Cooper (Mike Vogel), and we’re not hating what he’s dishing out either.

Season one of Sex/Life ended with Billie attempting, but failing, to re-acclimate to her life with Cooper in the suburbs. At the very end of season one, Billie heads to New York City to seek out Brad’s foot-long sub. But season two finds Billie with neither Cooper nor Brad. She’s shacking up with Majid (Darius Homayoun) who goes nude in Sex/Life season two!

You can only imagine all the configurations for these characters to get out of their clothes in the upcoming episodes.

Check out all of the Sex/Life season two nudity after the NSFW jump!

Adam Demos in Sex/Life Season 02

Adam Demos’ big one is back—he teases just the tip, which is erect and tucked into his waistband.

Mike Vogel butt

Mike Vogel’s gorgeous ass is back.

Plus, we get some softcore shenanigans from first-time nude actor Fabio Albani as well as the gorgeous Cleo Anthony!

Woudn’t you like to wrap your hands around the beautiful butt of Darius Homayoun?

Oh, and  Jonathan Sadowski demonstrates his surgically elongated penis and internal penis pump to a group of men in the locker room. So, there’s, that.

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8 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The cast of ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2"

  1. Those films/series with prosthetic nudes, should be avoided, this economic loss would give the actors a lesson !

  2. “Adam Demos will bring out his big, foot-long, prosthetic” — I thought he made a statement and everyone accepted it was his real D?
    Because if he’s erect through his pant’s waistline, and nowhere near his belly button, that’s not the same schlong we saw in the shower scene.
    How embarrassing for him for claiming it’s real, or how stupid of the props department to give him a way smaller D for this scene.

  3. If you’re gonna show some horrible prosthetic – just don’t.
    Find an actor who is not ashamed to show everything – there are plenty of hot men who won’t mind showing front and back. It’s not like this tv show is some masterpiece – it’s horrible and the only reason for it is to be erotic..

    • Yeah, because the list of mainstream actors who are willing to show full frontal AND their erections is SO LONG that there’s just a veritable buffet of men willing to do so, right??

  4. Prosthetics and surgically elongated…gotta admire the truth in advertising!

  5. NerdyButNaughty | March 9, 2023 at 7:20 pm | Reply

    They’re all prosthetics lol
    Just like season 1.

  6. I want that in me

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