!! OMG, this man wants to teach you Yogic exercises to tighten your anal sphincter !!

YES! Kegels for buttholes! File this under “self-care” and check out Breathe and Flow‘s guide to getting that anal sphincter muscle engaged above! Are you starting your Ashwini Mudra yoga routine starting right now, OMG?! Let us know how it goes in the comments.

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6 Comments on "OMG, this man wants to teach you Yogic exercises to tighten your anal sphincter"

  1. It’s nothing new, it’s called Bandha, and parts of it involves locking your anal muscles. If you are serious about Yoga and you should start learning classical Hatha Yoga from Isha, you’ll be trained on this, and other types of Bandhas. You also need to be on empty stomach (minimum 4 hours) when you’re doing any yogic practices.

  2. News flash- gay men can marry in a number of countries now. And unless he has IBS, I doubt straight men (at least straight men who don’t get pegged regularly) don’t need these exercises.

  3. He’s married *cries*

    Hopefully he’s bi or pan

  4. This guy gives me Rasputin vibes.

  5. He fine, I would like to tighten my b-hole muscles around his face.

  6. Hey Shannon- you can probably use these given your fire hydrant sized butt plug!

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