!! OMG, Vic Berger presents: Hillary gives her most rousing speech via Bernie Sanders !!

She agrees with everything he says! …Hillary 2016!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Vic Berger presents: Hillary gives her most rousing speech via Bernie Sanders"

  1. @Joe @Brett – hey boys, as Donald Trump would say: NO ONE CARES.

    Get a sense of humour. Are you guys offended? Are you guys offended in a comment section of a site where you go to find celebrity male dick pix? LOL cute!

    btw those videos are from Vic Berger – they are parody and he takes aim at everyone. find the rest of his videos on previous posts here

  2. And if you need some videos ridiculing Bernie Sanders, I can provide them. I cannot believe you act as if they don’t exist.

  3. Joe is right. Your smug response was insulting. Admit the bias at least. It has been apparent for some time. Much classier if you would just admit it since you are “not a news site” anyway.

  4. 1. The Bernie Sanders Campaign didn’t release that video.

    2. OMGBLOG is not a news outlet, and I prefer it that way. If I want news I go to the NY Times.

    3. This clip is not that funny and the website has taken jabs at Hillary Clinton.

    4. This website has a gay base and yet no mention of the endorsement from HRC. Yet when Barack Obama was on the cover of out that made a post. Especially when Hillary Clinton is the only candidate to repeatedly mention LGBT rights in all of her debates / speeches.

    5. These jabs seem misogynist considering the circumstances. Being mocked for agreeing with another Democrat. Bernie Sanders says he agrees with her all the time. She was previously mocked on this website because of a facial expression. Your website shows an angry Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton diverges from the script) and an impassioned Bernie Sanders takes down Trump. Where are the angry looking pictures of Bernie Sanders? I am someone who follows politics and trust me – there are plenty.

    No mention of Bernie Sanders looking like he is waving down a cab every five minutes.

    I enjoy that this website mocks public figures but do it fairly.

    **I would just prefer if OMGBLOG would stay out of politics because I go to this cite to get away from that stuff. Frankly, if continued jabs towards one Democratic candidate and the absence of another, I will probably go somewhere else to look at the dick pics of celebrities.

  5. posts like this – pro-Bernie and anti-Hillary make me want to stop visiting this site. this is clearly a slanted and bias view of the scenario! As gay men, we should be supporting because they have long supported gay men.

    Where is the clip showing Bernie Sanders agreeing with everything Hillary Clinton says?

    • hi Joe, we’re not really a news site. When the Hillary campaign releases a funny video to post, we’ll definitely consider it. Thanks for the feedback!

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