!! OMG, Vic Berger presents: The best of Melania !!

HULLO. Hullo – it’s the best of Melania Trump edited by none other than Vic Berger himself! Check out some of Melania’s most memorable moments above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, Vic Berger presents: The best of Melania"

  1. The question is: Would you marry The Donald? Don’t lie, bitch; you know you would. A single moment of clarity after looking at the juiced-up dumb bells on either side of you at Gigi’s One Way Bar and Mar-a-Lago is too sweet to turn down. I mean, we’ve all had sex we can’t remember, so turn that talent into some serious cash.

  2. How much is she paid to say this stuff? Does her elevator go to the top floor? She resembles a zombie doesn’t she? Completely clueless to how she’s being manipulated. She’s the most useless FLOTUS since Pat Nixon!

    • Former President Obama loves America! The stupid greedy racist human shitstain and his dumb foreign gold-digging mail-order bride, not so much.

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